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EaseUS Todo Backup Free Review-Backup and Restore Your PC With Ease

In the world of computers we always need to prepare for the worst. Basically Windows operating system provides backup and restore utility, but the features are limited.Here we are with the free software that gives you plenty of premium options.

Backup is what you need when you got hacked or whenever your PC got unexpected error in unexpected area. If you get any error you can restore if it is not solving. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is standalone program which helps you to create backups, disk clones, emergency disks and much more.

Errors are common if you have backup. They are fatal if you don’t have backup.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Free Review

Free Backup Software

What is EaseUS Todo Backup?

It is a software by popular EaseUS company to backup your PC and server. EaseUS Backup comes in two versions, we are giving review using free version but if you go to premium or upgraded version you will get more options.

Features and Usability

To get started download the program from official EaseUS website and install on your machine. I personally used so many backup managers but this software is answering every question of mine and compatible with all my requirements.

This software comes with four types of backup options

  • Disk/Partition backup
  • File Backup
  • System Backup
  • Smart Backup

Disk Backup

Disk/Partition Backup

This option will backup all the files in any partition you have but you have to choose the partition. If you have external hard disks they also can be backed up using this option.

File Backup

File Backup

This option will backup all the data you selected. You can specify the files like documents, images etc.. all the data. Only selected data will be taken backup.

System Backup

System Backup

System backup is the thing you should take care. This option backup all the data of your operating system. All the softwares installed also backed up using this option and this lets you to recover your PC to last available backup position.

Smart Backup

Smart Backup

Smart Backup will automatically selects some important data like Desktop, favorites, Documents etc.. and this helps you to save time. All the backup is stored as images and you can recover from them.


Clone is a feature that this Todo software had and this help you to clone all the files from one partition to another partition. This option will show all the partitions that you have in your PC, including hidden partitions also.

Logs will give you complete details about the backups, the complete list of backups done, their dates and time.

Emergency Disk Creation Tool

Emergency disc creation tool in this software will help you to create emergency disk if any booting failure was faced.

Check Image will help you to check the backup images are corrupted or fine.

Wipe Data

Wipe data will help you to delete complete data from hard disk or partition

Mount and Unmount

Mount/Unmount will help you completely unmount the mounted drive and again mount the unmounted drive. You can also set the backup image expiry date. For example you want to delete the last backup after getting new backup you can do that with this software and this will never delete the first backup but if you want you can force it.

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EaseUS ToDo Backup is a free backup software, it is absolutely easy to use since it offers a very user friendly interface. It works on all versions of Windows and testing was done on Windows 8.1 64-bit edition.

Download EaseUS ToDo Backup Free.

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    Sven Van de Velde Mar 9, 2017 at 7:50 am

    EUTBF 10.0 is a nice comprehensive backup package. I’ve been using it for years,
    It has been safely backing up my system using the SYSTEM BACKUP function of EASEUS backup.

    Until my harddisk crashed … Then reality came …

    The restore procedure for restoring your SYSTEM, meaning, the restore of your harddrive that you use to boot your system, is dangerous and bugged.

    It will erase your drive completely, repartition it etc, and it will reconstruct your system drive file by file, not sector by sector. As a result, any software that you have on your system that checks on your system characteristics, like harddrive properties, disk properties etc WILL BE ERASED!

    As a result, you’ll have to reinstall these software packages or ask for new license keys…

    The software packages I had to reinitiate (ask new keys) as a result of this harddisk crash and restore are:

    – DCS WORLD from EAGLE DYNAMICS (I got $500 of license keys exposure there).
    – FL STUDIO 12
    – EASEUS backup (if you have a commercial version) !!!! I had to ask for new keys!!!

    On top, ANY backup that you have started, is not lost, but you just cannot continue your backup jobs.
    You have to reconfigure every job again from scratch and restart.

    The only software that I know that allows for a fully functional system drive restore is O&O image backup. That software is able to restore your HD completely without any danger of loosing license keys. I’ve transitioned to this software again. I got seduced by EASEUS backup because of “the nice features”, but I shouldn’t have done that.

    Please take this feedback seriously, because it is true!


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