AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review: Free Tool With Premium Features

Backup is very important thing that you need to do when you have data. We have many premium solutions in fact very costly solutions to backup your data and they also saves data in cloud if you wish but we are here with the backup solution of your data for some better price. Better price in the sense cheap price, price is completely free.

Backup solutions are not cheap but if you don’t have backup then the effect is severe so it is always mandatory to keep backups. Server backups for your websites and web apps are taken by hosting provider and you will have them.

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What if your PC got corrupted? You have many programs installed. The solutions you go for is repairing, removing last uninstalled program and many more but if that don’t works then formatting your computer. Again you need to install all the programs and it takes around two days to completely configure your system as your old ones but the main defect is formatting decreases the health of your computer. To overcome all these issues AOMEI released a free software that can backup all your pc with a single click.

Here we are with the review of AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review

What is AOMEI one key recovery?

AOMEI one key recovery is software that backup all you PC in a single click and also restores from that data in a single click.

Usage and features

  • This software will backup and restore your PC with single click
  • Saves backup image in local partition or some external disk
  • Restores from boot failure
  • Manually restore from your backup

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review


  • Backup: When you launch you installed software welcome screen itself ask you to backup your system or to recover from the backup.
  • When you click backup it will ask you to backup into partition or to other location. You choose the either one and it asks you the location and choose it.
  • It will give you size of image before backup and you can choose according to it.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Options

Recovery: If you choose to recover from the backup then it will ask you the location where you backup is located you can choose and recover your PC.

Backup while boot failure

When your PC fails to boot but you have backup, doesn’t matter either located in local partition or external disk when you insert your external disk in which backup is located or if is stored in local partition there is nothing you need to worry

It will show two options

  1. Your Operating system.
  2. Recovery media.

Choose recovery media and that will backup your system. This choice is given to you while booting and only if your PC booting fails.

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In a nutshell, it is one of the best complete data backup and recovery, data protection program for Windows. This utility works on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP (all editions, 32/64-bit).

Download AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

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    Jolly Mac Feb 10, 2015 at 6:16 am

    There are many other available for backup and recovery option. Stellar Data Recovery Services helped me in my Hard disk recovery case from backup. I find it good.

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