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SOL Invictus: The Gamebook – Android Game Review

Here at thetechhacker, we want to introduce a game that stands away from the crowd. Cubus Games “Sol Invictus: The Gamebook”, this latest game will take you to an interesting journey where you will play role of a warrior Cromulus. It is a role playing game with eBook reading that puts you in deep emotions and wonderful journey into the sci-fi world.

The game is a sequel to the Heavy Metal Thunder written by Kyle B. Stiff’s legendary adventure gamebook series. Sol Invictus simply transport the players to the adventurous journey to the sci-fi world and challenges you to write your own destiny to reclaim freedom from extraterrestrial invaders.

Game excels in narrating story with fascinating background score.

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Sol Invictus Game Play

How it works?

First you need to download the game from Google Play store and install on your device. After opening the app you’ll be greeted with one of the beautifully designed menu and user interface. If you are already played Heavy Metal Thunder the story starts with right after events of the first part. The game excels in the story narration part and art work. Beautifully narrated story, deeply involving art works immerse you in the game without any second thought.

SOL Invictus Review

No in-app purchases, simplistic art menus and an idea that is straightforward and complex, it makes for a game definitely worth to take a look at. By using your skills, intelligence, strength the game progresses, it is completely different world where you will able to learn and improve your inner abilities.

Sol Invictus Chapters

The game proceeds into chapters with checkpoints, user can play the game in three modes simultaneously and game involves you to become addicted to it. The feel of the game is dark, adventurous which has high replay value and enjoyable gameplay that will have you instantly fall in love with it. The fascinating and serious background music too fits well with the overall game design. After playing the game you definitely agree that the game is a best example of perfect gamebook app.

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Cubus Games have always developed some of the best mobile games such as Heavy Metal Thunder, The Sinister Fairground and now Sol Invictus. This single game is enough for you take you to the adventure’s sci-fi world.

Download Sol Invictus: The Gamebook

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    What do you think about Hyper Rift – a sci-fi adventure game book with 14 endings?

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