How To Remove DRM From ePub Books

DRM is a well-known term for content creators and publishers. It is a technique used by hardware manufacturers, publishers to restrict their devices to stop unauthorized usages. The Digital Rights Management DRM is also applied for ePub books. When we purchase an eBook from a popular online store it comes enforced DRM restrictions. It is a good restriction to avoid eBook piracy, and it is useful to encourage authors. Unfortunately being a purchased owner of the book, you can’t read it on other devices.

How To Remove DRM From ePub Books

ePubee DRM Removal is a free program for removing DRM protection from ePub files in one click. Using ePubee DRM Removal tool you can remove restrictions to view ePub files on iPad, iPhone, Amazon, Nook, and Sony Reader.

To get started, simply download the program from the official website and install on your Windows or Mac. After installing the program starts with easy to understand user interface. The program doesn’t require any additional skills to use, anyone with basic computing capabilities can operate this program.

ePUBee DRM Removal Process

The user interface of the ePubee DRM removal tool is very easy to understand. You can add eBook by clicking on the “Add” tab on the top of the program or you can simply drag and drop the eBook in the middle of the user interface.

After adding now click on the tab present on the right bottom of the program window. After clicking on the tab the program removes DRM restriction present in the ePub book and instantly opens the output folder Window. You can find output folder manually by C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\decrypt. Here User Name replaces with your computer name.

Download ePubee DRM Removal.

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