Best Web Apps To Simplify Your Life-Part 1

Web apps can work on any platform. You don’t need to worry about compatibility of your machine, they can run and work on any operating systems. All you need is a web browser installed on your Windows, Mac or Linux based machine. They are created in a such a way to work with your browser without installing any program on your PC or Mac.

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This is our first part of the best web apps list. Every week we come with best web apps to simplify your life.



Building a custom PC is very tougher than choosing a smartphone or tablet from market. We need to take care of the machine configuration required to fulfil needs with matching budget. ChooseMyPC is a website which helps you to choose hardware by setting your budget.

Watch This

2.Watch This!

If you are a movie manic and looking for a new way to explore movies Watch This will definitely help you. Watch This! is a simple web app that lets you to explore movies based on rating, release date and genres. The web app uses IMDB rating system to show desired results.

typWrittr Login Page


If you are looking for a distraction free writing tool, typWrittr is a easy to use web app can get. Once you get started using it,you will notice the typWrittr it provides various options to change the background color, inspirational preset images, text color, paper color, paper font and including paper height etc.

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Vision is a web app that lets you to check your vision capabilities. It especially help you to test your myopia which is the most common refractive error of the eye. You can test your vision accuracy without taking help of ophthalmologist.

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MyPermissions is a web based service that scans your major online accounts permissions that access your personal data. It scans  like Google, Facebook, AOL, Dropbox, Microsoft, Flickr, Instagram etc.

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