An Easy Way To Install WhatsApp On Your PC/Laptop

One of the most popular mobile SMS alternative app is WhatsApp. It is nearly five year old service, which has multiple platforms support. It is one of the best alternative to the traditional messaging to avoid messaging charges. WhatsApp is a ad-free app with minimalist user interface. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is available mobile platforms only, if you want to install app on your PC this guide provides an easy way to install WhatsApp on your PC.

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An Easy Way To Install WhatsApp On Your PC/Laptop

download whatsapp for pc

How to Install WhatsApp on PC?

To get started, all you need is a PC, working internet connection, working normal phone(no need to be an Android) and Android emulator. When it comes to emulating Android on a PC, we have bunch of options available, including the official Android emulator that comes with the Android SDK for developers. But for now we have chosen Andy Android Emulator for this tutorial.

1.Download Andy Android Emulator from the official website.

2.Like other normal Windows softwares install Andy Android Emulator on PC.

Android Emulator

3.After installation Andy starts with Android user interface. Here you need to enter your Google Account credentials.

how to install whatsapp on pc windows 7

4.Now go to Google Play Store in Andy Android Emulator and search for “WhatsApp Messenger” download and install it.

5.After installing WhatsApp now open the app. Here you need to enter your country code and your mobile number.

WhatsApp Verification Confirmation

6.After entering your mobile number WhatsApp wants to authorize the program by sending a SMS to your number.

7.Now check your phone for verification code and enter the same code in Andy Android Emulator WhatsApp user interface.

how to install whatsapp on pc free

8.Thats it, now you can enjoy WhatsApp Messenger on your PC.

You can directly update status, change Whatsapp profile photo and name in the Android emulator.

There is no any specific WhatsApp for PC program is available for desktop users, follow only genuine methods like above to use WhatsApp on PC.


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