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Privacy Eraser Free Review: Cleans And Protects Your Privacy

There are very few free system cleaners available to clean Internet traces along with unwanted junk file removal. The Internet is full of traces, whatever you browse you will be traced, and cookies are stored on your PC.

When cookies are stored in your computer, anyone can hack into your logged in the account without using any credentials. This is called cookie stealing attack. Not only this cache, temporary internet files and many other files are stored in your computer, and that disturbs your PC performance.

Getting rid of all these things you should be careful with all your browser settings, changing your browser settings but doing this every time like clearing your cache or history or whatever takes so much time. Here we are giving a review of Privacy Eraser. This software helps you to clean your PC by deleting history and protect your privacy with one click.

Privacy Eraser Free Home Screen

Privacy Eraser Free Review

How does it work?

Privacy Eraser is a freeware by Cybertronsoft, and it helps you to maintain your privacy. To get started, download the program from the official website. After installation, the program starts with the beautifully designed user interface with easy to understand options.

When you launch the software, you will have four options to optimize your privacy.

  • Scan: Scan means deep scan, not normal scan. It scans very deeply
  • Quick Clean: Quick Clean will clean your traces from important parts.
  • Clean & Restart: cleans and restarts your PC.
  • Clean & Shutdown: Cleans and shuts down your PC.

User Interface has a very decent look with fluid options. If you are a new user to computer cleaners this options helpful to quickly clean your PC.

Each section is self-explanatory, for novice users “Home” menu is enough to clean PC. Advanced users who want to customize the program, left side menu provides a list of items that can be cleaned.

Under the Home, you’ll find Windows, Browsers, Applications, File Shredder, Drive Wiper, Tools, and Misc. Going to windows, you will have plenty of option where software should clean data or traces more precisely.

Primary Eraser Free Windows Software


Windows section shows the available cleaning areas in Windows. You can check or uncheck items that you want to delete during clean up.



The program supports popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.



Applications section contains App plugin traces, which can be removed during cleaning.

File Shredder

File Shredder:

File shredder included, it helps you to delete files from the hard disk to prevent private information from being compromised.

Drive Wiper

Drive Wiper:

Securely wipes spare and hidden data areas on your drives. All free clusters on the drives, including the contents of deleted files and folders, will be wiped like a new drive.



The good thing about the Privacy Eraser Free is it has built in free tools like Windows Startup Manager, App Uninstaller and System Restore options. Using these option you can speedup system booting time by controlling which programs should start with system startup, performance improvement by uninstalling unwanted apps and recovery from unexpected errors.

Privacy Eraser Free Scan Window


With a single click, program will help you to erase Internet cache, cookies, delete Internet history, address bar history, typed URLs, autocomplete form history, saved password and index.dat files of your browser, and Windows run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, temporary files, recycle bin, clipboard, taskbar jump lists, DNS cache, log files, memory dumps, error reporting and much more.

Privacy Eraser Free Cleaning

After the scan, the collected data is arranged in categories to know what type of data consuming the most space. Clicking on the Clean option starts the cleaning procedure of showed scanned results. Entire scanning and cleaning time purely depends on your Internet usage and applications installed on your machine.

Privacy Eraser Features

  • Cleans all temp files of the internet like cache, cookies, typed URLs, download history, saved passwords, auto-fill form history.
  • Cleans all windows files like search history, open recent files history, recent documents, temporary files, DNS cache, log files, memory dumps, error reporting and much more.
  • Clears applications data or traces. This software also erases the data from other applications you installed.
  • Using multiple deletion techniques like Simple zero-fill (1 pass), US DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes), US DoD 5220.22-M (ECE) (7 passes), Peter Gutmann (35 passes) and custom wipe methods.
  • Real Time Monitoring support helps you not to run a scan every time you closed the browser; software does by itself.

During testing, we found Privacy Eraser is a very light weight on System memory, consumes only  2MB while running. Testing was carried out on Windows 8.1 and, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, and Safari.

System Requirements

  • Intel/AMD or other compatible processors
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2008 (32/64-bit)
  • 512MB of RAM or more
  • 10MB of available hard disk space

The program comes in free and pro versions. Pro Version comes with automatic updates, free 24/7 technical support, and additional wipe methods.


Privacy Eraser is one of those programs works exceptionally by consuming very light system resources. It is one of the must have a program for every Internet user.

Download Privacy Eraser

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