Some Web Hosting Terms You Need to Understand Before Choosing a Cheap Hosting Solution

When it comes to web hosting, there are so many technical terms involved. Some of these may be confusing if you do not understand them. Unfortunately, since some unscrupulous web hosting companies know this, they use these terms to hide their actual value when selling you a cheap web hosting solution. This results in you getting less value for your money.

To avoid this, these are a few of the main terms that you should get a good grasp of. These include the terms Bandwidth, Shared Hosting, cPanel, Uptime, and FTP. In this post, we will examine the meaning of these terms so that you can be able wisely to select an affordable web host for your site.

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The Meaning of Some Important Web Hosting Terms


This term refers to the amount of data that your host account can allow you to transfer at any one time. What this translates to is that the more bandwidth you get with your hosting account, the faster your website will load. It is important that you ensure that any person who visits your website gets a great experience in terms of website loading speed, and without any downtimes. This means that the more bandwidth you get, the better the hosting solution. The smaller it is, the faster you will use it up, hence slowing your site speed and locking some visitors off your site.

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Network servers and Earth globe

Shared Hosting

When you buy a hosting account, you are either given your own server solely for you and your website (a dedicated server) or you are given a section on a server that also hosts many other websites (shared hosting). Shared hosting is the most common form of cheap web hosting. You should note here that as much as you are sharing a server, no one will be able to access your side of the server. Unfortunately, if one of the sites you are sharing the server with gets a spike in traffic, or it loads up many bulky files, your site speed is also affected.

Uptime & Downtime

Both uptime and downtime, as you may have gathered from the names themselves, mean the time a website is either online (uptime) or offline (downtime). A good web hosting solution is one that can guarantee as close to 100% uptime as possible. You don’t want people trying to access your website only to find it unavailable.


This is a user interface that is commonly used by most hosts to help manage websites for their clients. When you buy a hosting account, the first thing you see is a cPanel when you log in. From here, you can then work on your files and build your site.

With the understanding of these terms, now you can confidently choose your budget web hosting company for your website. The second step now is to visit, which is a good resource for finding cheap web hosting companies.

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