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Live Interior 3D Pro: Best Interior Designing App For Windows

Decorating living spaces with good interior designing, right kind of matching furniture, textures adds more uniqueness to your space. Imaging ideas in mind takes confusion and some times we forget what we are planned. Live Interior 3D Pro is a Windows app that lets you plan how you’re gong to furnish a living room virtually and share your design with other users.

There are many architectures available to design living spaces, but what if you want to try yourself like if you want to design your own product without anyone help? Technology is getting more advanced and more helpful. Designing your own house or your own bed room is really cool. Live Interior 3D Pro app helps you to design your own interiors. There are many apps for android and iOS, but today we are reviewing a best Windows App for interior designing.

Live Interior 3D Pro is interior designing app for windows. It has two versions

  • Free version: Limited to two stories.
  • Pro Version: Multiple Stories and much more features to design spaces. In-app purchases available in the Pro Edition, which allow to purchase additional functionality.

Let’s discuss about Pro version. It is a Windows App and works on Windows based Tablets and PC’s.

User Interface

User Interface of the app is really very nice. On the launch it gives you the current project you are working on, samples for gallery, bed room, living room, gallery, office and bath room. Also new blank page for custom designing, links to tutorials and browsing projects.

Live Interior 3D Pro Main UI

It is very easy to understand the User Interface, and there is no option to change the theme of the app but default one looks awesome with white background and samples, links on it. Samples provided by the program are very aesthetic, user feel very easy to add new objects. You can view the design in three default views, you can access options at the top right of the window.

At the right bottom of the windows you’ll see 3D option. It lets you to see your design in a 3D view with shadows, lighting, reflections and textures to come closer to reality.

Living Room Designing

Clicking on the object icon opens the list of available objects related to the working environment show on the top of the user interface. You can click to add or you can directly drag and drop the object to the desired space.

Live Interior 3D Pro Viewing Angles

Navigation of the room in 3D view is performed by clicking on the scroll available at the bottom left of the window. 2D view offers various features to work with a location, you can easily add measurements, zooming options and camera angles.

Library Objects

Library option contains Columns, Windows, Fireplaces, Doors, Appliances, Kitchen ware, Armchairs, kitchens and much more. It has almost all objects needed to create a perfect living place. Inspector option lets you to manage your materials, object size, stroke and camera angles in a scene.

Once you’re done finalizing your plan, you can share it over the web.


  • Simple User Interface: Very easy to understand user interface as explained above.
  • Excellent samples: Samples given by default in this app were amazing. If you really want to design anything simple these samples will help you. Either you can modify them or you can use them as such.
  • Importing: If you have a file where your design is already designed and if you would like to import it there is a feature that helps you to import that file and you can import that file from Trimble 3D Warehouse. You can also import materials.
  • Export: There are four ways to export the design. Share, print, screenshot and exporting to 3D objects.
  • Furniture designing: You can decorate and arrange your space using built in furniture objects.
  • 2D and 3D: You can design your interior in 3D as well as in 2D. This is some of the great features this app had.
  • Cameras: you can set your own cameras where ever you want for your reference.
  • Scales: Scales lets you measure your lengths of the rooms.
  • Plenty of Objects: There are more than 1,200 HD objects for your project and will be updated in the updates.


Usage is very simple and the reason behind is the UI. What you See you get it and this is what helps you in using this app. Still if you are finding issues then you can head over to tutorials.


Live Interior 3D Pro works pretty well both in tablets and PC’s.We didn’t experience any crashes during the testing, the app worked excellent in all features. It is a all in all virtual living room designing app for interior designers, students, architects, and even general users who wish to design a 3D model of their dream rooms themselves, without having to learn professional designing software.

Download Live Interior 3D Pro.


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