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If I’m honest, mobile monitoring apps always fail to impress me. Usually, because a lot of them never deliver what they say they’re selling. And for the other, they seem to be very restrictive in what they have to offer. Parental controls don’t stop kids from finding other ways to find access to prohibited media. What parents need is a better insight into the way their kids use their smartphones. And XNSPY, I think has made a fair attempt at doing just that. Because it is a well-rounded way for parents to be part of their kid’s digital lives.

The Installation Process

If you’re planning to be the sneaky parent and put a parental monitoring app on their phone without their knowledge, then this is the part that would be relatively trickier. Because you’d have to physically get hold of their phone and manually install the app. This is a good thing because if a monitoring app says that it can remotely install itself on a target phone, they are probably lying. Other than that, the installation process is quite simple.

First Look

Once you’ve got the app installed, you’ll have to go to the XNSPY Control Panel to start monitoring. I quite liked the CP interface. It was clear and fun to use, lots of tabs and buttons that even the least tech-savvy parent will be able to navigate, though. But if you’re having trouble, you can talk to their customer support, and they do a very good job at walking you through the process.

Monitoring Features

The app has got a lot of features. This means you have a lot of ways to monitor your child’s smartphone. You can

  • Check their call logs
  • Record their calls
  • Check their texts
  • Check their IMs
  • Track their GPS location
  • Check their browsing history
  • Look at the list of their installed apps

There’s a lot more you can do as well within each category. For example, you can put certain contacts, words or locations on the ‘Watchlist’ so you get an alert whenever an activity regarding them is conducted.

Price and Packages

XNSPY has two packages. Basic starts at $8.33/month and Premium at $16.66/month. If you buy an annual subscription, you get 75% of. Depends on how long you intend to monitor your child and what features you want to use.


All in all, XNSPY is a pretty good app as far as mobile monitoring is concerned. It did more than I expected it to, and it ran as smoothly as I wanted it to. Parents that are looking to better arbitrate their kid’s smartphone usage need to buy XNSPY.

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