How To Watch NFL SuperBowl Anywhere In The World

The NFL Super Bowl is on the way to rock the world. It is one of the most anticipated sport event in the United States. It was formed by eleven teams in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. The game has huge popularity in US along with rest of the world. With such a huge world wide following many NFL lovers across the world will want to watch the Super Bowl NFL live.

The 2015 Regular season starts on Sunday Feb 4th with New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.We are expecting several million NFL fans to be stick to their televisions this Sunday.But unfortunately broadcasting channels restrict the live coverage out side the US. If you are a die hard fan of NFL and living out side the US no problem, you can watch NFL Super Bowl anywhere in the world with the help of a perfect VPN service.

A good VPN service hides your actual physical location and disguise location to US. VPN services like IPVanish and OverPlay VPN hides your actual location and lets you watch your favourite team NFL match anywhere in the world. All you need is a VPN subscription service any one of the above services to get started.

IPVanish VPN-Review

IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish is one of the top and best VPN provider available. It has servers across 60+ countries with US and UK having multiple servers to boost speed to the customers. When you use IPVanish, your internet network traffic is routed through the IPVanish servers to disguise your actual location. It enables streaming of restricted websites in your region. IPVanish supports 256-Bit AES encryption which is highly secure and ensures high security to your connection.


By use section carries different options like fastest server, US Media or Gaming, UK Media or Gaming and CA Media or Gaming. If you are opting VPN to access restricted content on specific regions “By use” option provides simple way to access the content. Using IPVanish user can unlock and watch Super Bowl anywhere in the world.

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OverPlay VPN Review

OverPlay Review

VPN is the best way to stay anonymous.You can still be de-anonymized if you didn’t clear logs while hacking but let’s discuss about accessing blocked websites.

OverPlay VPN is the best way to block any website that is blocked in your network. It helps you to stay anonymous, by using completely encrypted network.When you are using any VPN or Tor then your internet speed will be decreased but going to overplay VPN service, this is better when compared to other VPN services.

The reason behind this VPN that provides speed internet compared to other VPN services is this have so many servers. Many location in the world means you can get faster buffering rate while watching NFL.

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These two services are very good to watch your favorite NFL matches anywhere in the world without any hassle.


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