How To Unlock Bootloader On Android One Devices

Last year 2014 Google launched Android One initiative for low end Android devices for smoother OS operations. If you are the owner of Android One device now you can unlock its Bootloader. Basically Bootloader is a code that exists in every operating system in order to run or start. The main advantage of unlocking bootloader on Android is rooting. If you want your Android is rooted or if you want a custom ROM install the unlocking bootloader is a initial step.

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How To Unlock Bootloader On Android One Devices-Simple Guide

1.In the first step create a backup of your Android One device.

2.Install the latest divers of your device on your computer.

3.Download the One Click Boot loader Unlocking file on your desktop and extract the Unzip Android One Bootloader Unlocking Script files.

4.Turn on USB Debugging on your device by go to Settings->Developer Tools->USB Debugging.

5.Now connect your Android One powered device to your computer with the help of a original USB cable.

6.Now open the “Android One Bootloader Unlocking” and open the “android-one-bootloader-unlock.bat” script file inside the folder and execute it by double clicking on it.

7.Follow the instructions on the computer screen, your phone’s bootloader will be successfully unlocked.

After sucessful unlocking Bootloader the device restarts. If you are facing any issues during process make sure to install new drivers on your computer.

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