PopStar2015-Android Game Review

There is immense power in modern smartphones which utilizing full power of the developer to show their talent. PopStar2015 is a newly launched game for Android by Xue Feng. It is builds on the similar game play experience of very popular Bejeweled match game with refreshing graphics and sounds.

It is a perfect game that puzzle fans and casual gamers could really take to. It comes as a fresh breeze for the casual game genre, with a very simple gameplay. It’s a nice and simple way to play PopStar2015 wherever and whenever without the complicated rules.

With graphics and animations worth awing at, and gameplay satisfaction at its best. It is fresh, simple and casual in its approach, this should appeal to all ages. Here is our review of PopStar2015.

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PopStar2015 Home Screen


To get started download the app from Google Play Store and install on your device. First and foremost, it is a fun game, let us begin with that. There are no hidden surprises, gameplay is easy and simple to play, you need to match minimum two star blocks to maximum number of stars.

Next Stage Screen

When you first start the game, a home screen appears with continue, New Game and Shop buttons. In the first run click on new game to start, here in the first Level you need hit the 200 minimum score to qualify to next level.

GamePlay Features

When you get into the game, it can be quite challenging when arranging similar color starts to get high score. My initial reaction after playing game is wow, it is one of the most engaging game for Android.

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Booster Packs

A nice thing to see in PopStar2015 is that there’s support for booster packs to buy which helpful to add power to the gameplay. I’ve played a lot of casual games like PopStar2015, but this is definitely a fresh approach to keep you going in an awesome gameplay. You can add different avatars to get more interesting and enjoying gameplay.

I enjoyed the time I spent with PopStar2015, it was a good deal of casual style fun game. Each level is challenging, you need to break the minimum score to proceed to new level. It runs smoothly on any Android smartphone without any issues .

Game Features

  • A nice game killer.
  • Changeable avatars add the gameplay more fun.
  • Pretty game scene, enjoyable game sound and music.


PopStar2015 is a fun filled casual game with simple, yet satisfying gameplay with some good graphics and challenging levels. If you’re a big fan of Bejeweled style games, it may very well become your favorite time pass.

Price: Free+

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