How And Why To Clear Your Phone Cache To Regain Tons Of Free Space

Upon continuous usage of Android lot of our activity we do in the device is stored as cache. Cache is useful to access data for frequent usage, depending on your usage (high) more cache will occupy your device and device memory becomes full.If you are not a techie or tech geek you will be listening the word from the geeks, cache. Doesn’t matter you understand it or not but in this article you will be clear with what is cache, how to clear it in your android?

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How And Why To Clear Your Phone Cache?

Cache may be a small word and many members won’t take care of it. In fact it is very big thing to consider even it does very big. When you browse or surf the internet you will observe that when the page is opening for the first time it will take much time when compared to the same page opened second time. It is because the page is stored in cache. For the first time when you are opening a webpage your browser have to request for the content in the page but while second time as the page was stored in cache it won’t need to send request to server.

If you are a blogger, web designer or data manager then you will have better understanding. Same thing happens with CDN. We are not here to discuss about CDN so let’s go to point.

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Why you need to clear cache in Android?

I have already told you about what is cache and illustrated with web page but this is not only applicable to web pages this also happens with videos of your phone, gallery, recent apps and happens with so much stuff. In cache sometimes it will store gigabytes of data. Now move your jaw up, it is very necessary to clear your cache.

How Clear Cache In Android?

You can clear cache in Android in two ways. You can manually clear cache and using some Apps.

clear cache android

Manual Cache Cleaning in Android

Go to Settings app Scroll down and go to Apps here in the App info click on go down and click on “Clear Cache” option. In the manual process, you need to clear cache in each app individually.

Using Clear Cache Android App

Google Play store has abundant source cache cleaning Apps. Download any of the following apps and clean your Android device cache in a single click.

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