Cool Online Clocks You Can Use On Your Day To Day

Imagine you have an event on March 15 called “Launching our new app to the public.”  Let me show you how easy it is for you to create an online countdown for that date (and time) and excite your co-workers in your office.  Similarly, you can create a countdown to your dog’s birthday, an anniversary, or an expo you are hosting.

Online Clock

Place your cursor on “Hello World” underneath the calendar and type in your event.  When placing your cursor on the date portion, either manually type it in yourself or use the arrow on the bottom right-hand corner that will give you a calendar and click on to the correct date.  The time you manually insert yourself.  Press the chain at the bottom of the screen and voila!!  This is how your countdown page looks now.

With a click on the button, you can link this event with all your friends, co-workers and family on the social media sites above.

As you can also see, however, the online countdown is not the only feature on this incredible app.

Online clocks for the shopping and other needs

The online stopwatch is a most useful tool for some folk, particularly those in the sporting arena.  A wonderful feature on this online stopwatch is the split button function.   This facilitates not only precise timekeeping, but the ability to monitor timing within an event e.g. swimmers timing on the laps they swim in a pool, or an athlete’s time on several laps around the track.  Each lap would have its timing within the event.  All that would be required would be to press the “split button” (which is the button in the middle below the main clock”).  As you can see below, the overall time has been “split” to record the time for each lap.

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Online Timer

What I love about the online alarm clock, is not only its ease of access and setting up, but that when you press the “set new alarm” button again, you can set another time for a few minutes later…. an automatic “snooze” button, if you will.  It will ensure that you do not sleep through the first alarm and get to your event on time!  I also really like the fact that you can choose how you would like to awake with the “Air Sweep, Alarm Clock, Birds and bees and Cockadoodledoo” functionality.  This was a very kind person who included these choices of alarm.  It takes the “annoying factor” out of being woken up by the same single tone every morning.  Once again, you can share this alarm event with friends and co-workers on the social media sites.

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Then there is the online timer function.  This ensures you’re able to cook the perfect “five-minute-boiled-egg” (for example).  The timer works wonders and is simply a case of entering how much time you need, and the same choice of alarms will alert you when your time is up.  This app is a must have for every phone.

Some Cool Online Clocks

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