EML To PST Converter To Move Windows Live Mail To Outlook

EML to PST Converter makes it possible to access convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook in Windows Operating System. As an instance, cross platform accessibility is offered to the emails as Apple Mail emails created in Mac OS X can be viewed in Windows OS.

Relevant Product Information

  • Product Version: 0
  • Product Size: 8 MB
  • User License: Personal, Business, Enterprise Licenses
  • Supported OS: Windows based tool; Supports Windows 8.1 & lower versions
  • RAM Specs: 1 GB
  • System Processor: 4 GHz
  • HDD Space: 5 MB

Getting Started with the Tool

Installation Guidelines:

  • The Licensed version of the tool can be downloaded by clicking on the ‘Purchase’ link available at its official website.
  • Select the appropriate user license from the given three categories and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • Payment can be made following the provided online payment gateways. The sales team can be contacted for any kind of purchase queries.

Note: Demo version is also available for all three user licenses and can be downloaded for testing the performance aspects of the tool.

Convert windows live mail to outlook

Functional Guidelines:

Once the EML to PST Converter tool is downloaded and installed successfully, the following procedure can be implemented for converting EML files to PST.

  1. Select the folder containing EML files from the left panel of the tool and the items integrated within the selected folder will be enlisted in the right pane.
  2. Select multiple items by clicking on the appropriate checkboxes or select entire list and click on ‘Export’ option available in the Navigation pane.
  3. Alternatively, right click on any selected item and then select the pop-up ‘Export’ button to initialize conversion procedure.
  4. ‘Export Options’ window will appear with ‘PST’ option that will let you convert EML to PST file format.
  5. ‘PST Split’ option can also be seen in the same window, this will allow user to save the resultant files into divided units.
  6. Provide appropriate storage volume in GB units, for example: 1 GB, 2GB, etc. as per requirement if you need to save the output files in limited size segments.
  7. Afterwards, provide the exact destination location where it is required to save data after conversion procedure is been completed.
  8. At last, click on the ‘Export’ button to get the conversion procedure done. The tool will then generate the ‘Export Report’ that can be saved on machine.

Additional Benefits Offered

While performing conversion of EML files to PST format, the converter software offers some extended benefits. These are summed up here in:

multiple styles view

Multiple Email Views: The tool offers to view email messages into multiple styles. This often makes the tool useful for forensic usage and purposes. This includes:

  • Normal View
  • Hex View
  • MIME View
  • Properties View
  • Message Header View
  • RTF View
  • HTML View

Attachments View: The attachments enclosed within the selected email message can be previewed in the ‘Attachments’ tab available within the EML to PST Converter tool.

Export Report: While implementing export EML to PST, the tool will generate a current report that shows the live status for the item counts being exported. It also shows the name of the EML file that is been selected for conversion along with the selected destination path.

Save Export Report: Once the overall conversion procedure is completed successfully, the ‘Export Report’ will be displayed that can be saved on machine for future reference. This report shows the name of the selected EML file and the destination location where the converted file has been saved.

Controls Corruption: When large size email files are stored in divided sections in PST; the future corruption possibilities can be controlled and reduced to larger extent. This way, if corruption ever takes place, the overall information would not get affected.

Demo Version: The major benefit of the tool is that it provides the opportunity to test its functional parameters prior to making any investment. This makes it easier to build confidence on its working and performance related criteria.

Why Convert EML to PST?

The EML file format is highly supported over the variety of email applications including Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Entourage, IncrediMail and many more.

When it is required to convert these files in MS Outlook email app, they need to be converted to PST files. PST is the proprietary file format for the respective desktop emailing platform.

Though, I use Apple Mail on Mac OS X at home, my main need was to convert data to PST so that I can access the email messages in Microsoft Outlook app installed on Windows machine at workplace. Therefore, I used this converter tool to convert large volume EML files to PST.

Looked Improvements

Although, the software successfully delivers the accurate results while converting EML messages to PST. But as per my opinion, EML is a widely used file format; also it is accepted over numerous email apps, therefore, the tool must offer conversion to alternate file format that is also supported in multiple as well as cross platform apps.

Final Conclusion

This overall review is based on the Personal license of the Windows Live Mail to PST Converter. Exactly the tool delivers what it is meant for and what the user expects from it. As per my experience, no discrepancies have been noticed in the performance and functional parameters of the converter software.

Though there are some additional features that need to be added to the tool for making it worth scalable, these requirements can be compromised for availing the benefits provided. However, addition of the suggested feature will help making it useful for both Windows and Mac users.

Considering all other aspects, it can be concluded that the software is well versed and fully assembled with features that are required to convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook. Moreover, the provision to split large volume email files into divided segments makes the tool worth buying at this nominal price.

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    Sonika Rawat Apr 7, 2015 at 6:40 am

    Recently I was facing a lots of problem for converting EML files to PST so I was searching for it. Finally I tried SysInfoTools for EML to PST Converter software, is easy to use and very effective. it works very quickly, and I had a good experience using it.

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