How To Merge Duplicate Contacts In Android

Some times we mistakenly import contacts from multiple Cloud accounts and SIM cards. Results Android device fills with duplicates entries, which is very difficult to remove or merge them manually. It takes so much of your precious time to remove or merge every duplicate contact entry individually. We have some serious apps to simplify your duplicate contact problem, these app are intelligent enough to sniff out multiple duplicate entries even if they are slightly different.

How To Merge Duplicate Contacts In Android

android merge duplicate contacts

Simpler Merge Duplicates

Simpler Merge Duplicates is a super easy app to find and delete multiple duplicate contacts in your Android device. Installation of app is very easy, download the app from official Google Play Store and install in your device. After installation now open the app, upon opening it instantly finds duplicate contacts present in your Android.

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Click on the show possible merges option, it show the duplicate contacts and possible duplicates in the next screen. Now click on Merge tab present at the bottom of the screen to merge all duplicate contacts. The app perfectly works on Android running 4.0 and up, You can download it for free by heading to the following link.

Download Simpler Merge Duplicates.

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