MultCloud-Free App for Managing Multiple Cloud Drives From One Place

Do you have several cloud drives such as different account in Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive? If you want to manage these cloud drives, it is necessary to login each account, and then do some upload, download or synchronized operations.

Have you ever thought of combining them together to manage just by logging once? MultCloud is the product you need! MultCloud is a central management platform presented by AOMEI Technology. It mainly serves for the users who have multiple cloud drives. MultCloud allows one to manage all cloud drives in one environment. If you have Box, DropBox, OneDrive, etc., you will be able to connect all those drives into MultCloud.

MultCloud 3.0 beta has released! Some new added features below:

  • Add new functions as Transfer and Task Manager.
  • Support setting of Scheduled Transfer and File Filter.
  • Support notifying by emailing automatically after transferring.
  • Support re-edit the accounts and view the properties of cloud drives.
  • Adjust and optimize some UIs.
  • Enhance the stability and speed of transfer by optimizing the network environment.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • MultCloud is a 100% free web-based application which made you possible to move files from one cloud service to another easily. You may want to ask, is it really safe to use MultCloud? Actually it is very safe. MultCloud sets all your cloud services by link account and authorization. MultCloud applies many guarantees: two typical methods are 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL and OAuth authorization system.

    manage multiple cloud services

    How to manage your cloud drives with MultCloud?

    At first, open, click “Create An Account” to register an account, you will receive a verification email.

    When you first login successfully, click “Add Cloud Drives” to join a cloud service.

    Then you can begin to add cloud drives. Pick one of them and click “Next”.

    If you select Dropbox, rename this cloud drive for identify this account simply in MultCloud, then click “Add Dropbox Account”.

    You need sign in to your cloud drive, click “Allow” to authorize MultCloud, this can avoid important information retrieved by a third party.

    After you’ve added all the accounts you want by the same method, all of your cloud accounts together by MultCloud. you can start managing files between your cloud drives. Besides downloading and uploading files to the local, you can also copy or cut and paste the files from Dropbox to Google Drive directly in Multcloud.

    The new version of MultCloud can realize the real-time transmission, click “transfer” to enter the page of transmission, then select the directory you want to transfer, and click “Run Now”, you will finish the transmission from a cloud drive to another.

    MultCloud also supports scheduled transfer function, it allows you to set the daily, weekly or monthly in the specific time for data transmission, it also supports to send an email to you after completing the transmission and informs the result.

    Free web app – MultCloud is a good choice for people who have several cloud account. As mission of AOMEI Technology: Optimize System, Optimize Life. MultCloud brings all of your files and folders very easily by linking from the cloud storage service. What are you waiting for?

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