8 Unavoidable Online Marketing Techniques In 2015

The onset of 2015 has spelled another era for bloggers and agencies alike: dynamic, ingenuous and cutthroat strategy in an attempt to secure the greatest number of hits to their web pages. It is therefore vital to maintain appropriate website linkages for rapid, relevant browsing. Also known as backlinks, these are the main parameters that determine the popularity of your website.

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1.Make Your Twitter Account

Your company’s Twitter account needs to be frequently updated, and should key in followers with all the latest information on a real-time basis. Your tweets should be meaningful and contain relevant links to your original webpages so that the information can be accessed on multiple browsing platforms.

2.Amp up Your Blog

While blogs have been around for some time, your company’s blog this year needs to be attention-grabbing. This can be done by embedding video links and GIFs as backlinks. The blog post can be structured in a manner so as to appeal to your client and highlight the fulfillment of their needs. Once your clients see that the information is credible and client or industry-specific, they will have a greater incentive to click on the given links.


3.Search Engine Optimization

Previously, you could get away with providing links in whatever manner possible. However, Google now aims to conserve natural, organic backlinks and considers the rest as spam. It is thus important to utilize a good SEO plugin that helps retain control over outbound and affiliate links. If the links pointing back to your website are of high quality and relevant, they will be interpreted by Google as contributing to add value, which improves your online authority. The value addition provided by a specialist outweighs conservative budget constraints. Professionals will help you invest in detailed content and high quality links in a faster and efficient manner.

4.Target User Expectations and Query Satisfaction

Do your users want to know about a new fad, or the best way to utilize your product offering for specific needs? Create content that is refreshing, original, and is best suited to piquing their curiosity. This will undoubtedly draw more traffic.

5.Rebuild Broken Links

This technique entails that you find broken links on a website that is related to your niche business, contact the content owner and inform them about that particular link. Supplementing your email with a similar link to your website will allow the original poster to update their information and backlink to yours.

6.Ensure Social Bookmarking

Encompass platforms such as Google plus, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so that users from all networks can have access to your website simultaneously. Social media is no more a luxury; it is a must for any type of business.

7.Engage With Users on Forums

Apart from Yahoo Answers, target specific forums relevant to your product or service niche. Accurate and detailed information from a company representative is deemed authentic, and increases the chances of users clicking on links to gain from your source information.

8.Leverage on Creating Controversial or Unique Content

Such content can go viral, thereby catapulting your webpage outreach to millions of users on a rapid basis. Your backlinks will be recreated at an exponential rate, thereby reducing the amount of work required on your part.

Remember that the greater the number of links to your website, the greater the number of websites hosting your links that are reaching out to diverse types of users. Link building affects your Google rankings, and so is vital in propelling your business to phenomenal levels of popularity.

It is a guest post by Mr.Rohan Kumar.

Rahul is the Editor-in-Chief at Thetechhacker, Phone Opinions, and Ask Hacker. After realizing an obsession with technology, he left his job career to write about technology.

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