Check What Regional Restrictions Applied To A YouTube Video

The internet is full of entertainment and knowledge. Due to copyright issues and political reasons some uploaded videos in YouTube are region locked. This is a common annoyance that many people are unable to watch some videos in some geographic locations.

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Check What Regional Restrictions Applied To A YouTube Video

To bypass this type of annoyance many people are using Proxy, Tor Browsers and VPN’s. Before that a simple web app which helps you to check the regional restrictions before you open YouTube video URL. YouTube Region Restriction Checker is a web which lets you check the restrictions of a YouTube video.

Using Web app is pretty much simple, just copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in the Video ID box and hit submit.

Unrestricted Video

If the video contains any regional locks then world map shows red color in restricted regions. If the video doesn’t contain any regional restrictions it clearly shows “Video is unrestricted” message.

Allowed and Disallowed Countries

At the bottom you can see the Allowed and Disallowed countries for easy checking. By using this facility you can apply correct proxy or VPN tool to open the video in your location.

source YouTube Region Restriction Checker

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