How To Make Tablet As Powerful As Laptop

Tablets are taking over the PC industry.Their mobility, productivity, entertainment features are attracting the customers and overtaking PC market.
Still something is missing in Tablets to reach maximum power as in Laptops and desktops. Thetechhacker covered some simple tips to make Tablet as powerful as Laptop or Desktop.

iPad keyboard


The main difference between Tablets and Laptops is keyboard. Touchscreen is comfortable to operate apps, but when we want to type E-mail or taking note is horrible in a virtual keyboard. For serious work, and for more productivity go for a physical keyboard.Number Keyboard is available in the market. Most of them can connect via Bluetooth.

iPad Stand

Tablet Stand

When your work for hours on Tablet you’ll get neck and back pain. Because Tablets don’t have the convenient stand to adjust in a stable angle. Even it works as protection cover for your tablet.

Teamviewer iPad

Desktop Simulation

Apps like Team viewer can bring your Office or Home desktop into your Tablet. You can remotely connect your PC and operate and control it directly from your Tablet.

dropbox ipad

Cloud Storage

Tablets come with a limited storage option. You can overcome short storage option by installing cloud storage apps in your Tablet. Apps like Dropbox, Google drive, Skydrive, Sugar sync comes handy. you can store all your documents, photos without your tablet running out of space.


Installing apps like MS Office, popular Browsers, Photo editing apps, note-taking tools, and games are taking one step ahead than PC’s.

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