Jumping On The Apple Band Wagon: Making The Switch from Android to iOS

Our phones have become such an extension of ourselves that getting a new device can easily throw a wrench in our day-to-day routine until we are completely comfortable navigating it. Because phones are changed out, at least, every couple of years, this adjustment period is a common experience for most people. Changing platforms is an even more drastic change to get used to, so if you are making the switch from Android to iOS, then you might be looking for a bit of extra help with the change.

Find Your Way Around iOS

Switching to a new iPhone 6 can be a scary and magical leap from Android. You will feel slightly uncomfortable with the shift in buttons and settings, but iOS is easier to navigate. There are many apps and features on the new iPhone 6 that are beneficial and unique. From its state-of-the-art FaceTime HD camera to its large 4.7-inch Retina HD display, you will find that getting used to this smartphone and a new operating system will be a breeze.

Two taps bring up your multitasking drawer and holding it down for a second will allow Siri to pop up to help. You will notice immediately that there is no hardware button for going back, pulling up your home screen, or accessing the menu. But don’t panic; each app will feature a back button in the top left corner and home or menu apps from the main page.

Jailbreaking and Tweaks

Jailbreaking your phone is legal in the U.S., though it compromises the security built into the iOS. All instances of documented malware for iOS have only affected jailbroken phones.

A jailbroken device will be able to install the apps and tweaks that Apple hasn’t authorized. This allows you to install apps that aren’t found in the iTunes App Store through other app store frameworks, like Cydia. Apple is a restrictive marketplace, and many apps aren’t able to get into their iTunes App Store. These apps might include customization apps that provide themes and personalization to your iPhone or iPad, as well as games, tethering apps, and more.

Keeping Your Contacts

One of the most dreaded parts of changing your phone is losing contacts. While some users might enjoy the excuse of needing all new numbers, using the change as an excuse to “lose” numbers of undesirable contacts, most want synchronicity between the old and new device. Contacts can be preserved easily by syncing a cross-platform service, like your Google account, with your old Android device, and then with your new iOS device.

iPhone Specific pps

Image via Flickr by Tsahi Levent-Levi

The Best iPhone-Specific Apps

Not all phones are created equal, and some app developers won’t offer apps on both platforms. Many popular apps made an appearance on iPhone long before Android (remember the wait to get Angry Birds?).

Currently, there are awesome apps, like Adobe Sketch and the rest of the Adobe apps, which are only available on iOS devices. Other apps you can now appreciate on your iOS device include Manual for in-depth control over your iPhone camera, Dark Sky for inclement weather warnings, Humin to improve your social skills and networking with an impressive contact database, and Timeful to learn your habits and suggest improvements.

Using Siri

Most Android users are very familiar with Siri, and you might have felt a bit jealous of having to operate without her all this time. The iOS virtual assistant can help you do everything from checking movie showtimes to reading your text messages aloud, all with simple voice commands. Set reminders, check the weather forecast, send texts, look up contacts, get directions, and more through Siri. With Siri hacks, you can even teach her how to pronounce names in your address book or add commands to her repertoire with jailbreak extensions.

Continue to discover the many things you can now do with your new iPhone device. While the going might be rough for a bit, hang in there, and soon you will probably find yourself in the club with those who love all things Mac.

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