Magix Music Maker 2015 Premium Review

If you are a music artist, YouTuber, or just a general blogger who wishes to produce high-quality videos, then it is pretty common that you may want to create your own music so that your final product not only looks good but also sounds good. One way of creating your own music is by using a software designed to assist you in creating your own music. That being said, when it comes to music creation tools, Windows has several options in the form of both free and paid software.

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While there are plenty software claiming to make your work easier in recording, creating, and mixing music, Magix Music Maker Premium stands out because of its ease of use and lots of features to actually help you in creating your own professional band.

Below are some of the best features you can get by using Magix Music Maker 2015 Premium software.


Record and Mix: Using Music Maker, you can easily record your own instruments or vocal with a click of the button while tuning it with efficient pitch correction and fine controls. Besides from recording, you can start mixing or remixing your music with premium essentialFX, timeless sounds, loop designer, etc.

Drag and Drop: Unlike other music creators, you can easily drag and drop the music bits onto the timeline for effective mixing and management.

Music Editor: Music Maker is filled with a range of music editing tools like MIDI editor, support for VST, audio file conversion, etc.

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Virtual Instruments: Along with all the tools in the software, Music Maker sports Virtual Instruments which can be used to synthesize and emulate a whole lot of sounds like drums, electro sounds, etc.

Installation and Usage

To start off, you can download Magix Music Maker online installer from their official website and once downloaded, you can install it like any other Windows software. Since this is an online installer, make sure that you have an active internet connection.


While installing Magix Music Maker, make sure that you select “Custom Installation” option as the software tries to install third-party adware. So, review the installation and deselect the checkbox if you don’t want to install additional software.


Once installed, launch the application. If this is your first time, Music Maker will prompt you for the license key. If you have a license key, then enter it by clicking on the button “Activate with serial number.” If not, click on the button “Continue using trial” to start your free 30-day trial.


As you can see, the interface itself is pretty packed but is very easy to navigate through. If you have ever used any of the music making software, then you can easily find your way.


The good thing about Music Maker is that it comes bundled with more than 6000 sounds in its Soundpool to help in your music creation. For instance, if you want to create your own music, just select the tab “Soundpools,” pick your “Instrument” and drag and drop the sound from the Soundpool onto the timeline.

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Before dragging the sound onto the timeline, you can preview the sound by just selecting it in the Soundpool. As you can see, I’ve pasted a couple of sound files on the timeline. If you want to, you can set the Pitch of each individual sound. To do that, simply select the sound you want to set and then select the Pitch of the sound by clicking on the buttons in the “Pitch” section.


While creating or editing the music, you can always playback it by simply clicking on the play button.


Moreover, don’t forget to define the starting and ending point of the music by dragging the top bar as required. This action makes it easy to save and export your music as needed.


Now, to save a project, select the option “File -> Save.” This default option will save your files in “.mmm” format so that you can always edit them using Music Maker. If you want to save your music files in other formats like MP3 or FLAC, you can use the “Export” option. For instance, If you want to save your project as an MP3 file, select the option “File -> Export” and then select “Audio as MP3” option.


The above action will open the “MP3 Export” window. Here, select the appropriate options and click on the “Ok” button to start exporting the file as an MP3. If you want to export only the music between the starting and ending mark, then select the checkbox “Only export the range between start and end marks.”

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Once the conversion is done, Music Maker will show you a window letting you know the same. Just click on the “Ok” button to close the confirmation window.


At this point, just navigate to the saved folder to find your music file ready to playback in your regular music player.


That’s all there is to do and it is that simple to use Magix Music Maker to create, mix and record music without dealing with a whole lot of settings.


As you can see, using Magix Music Maker is pretty easy and if you are looking for a software that can do your music creation job easier then it would be a great choice. The only cons I could find while using Music Maker is that it tries to install Adware during the installation process and there is no Pause/Resume feature in the online installer while downloading the required files necessary for the installation. Besides that, Music Maker is pretty much a handy tool for anyone who wishes to have their own band.

Hopefully, that helps and do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using Magix Music Maker.

Visit Magix Music Maker 2015 Premium.

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