Six Ways Technology Has Changed The Way You Do Business Today

Technology has completely revolutionized the way we do business. It’s important for businesses to take advantage of technology to improve efficiency and keep up with the competition. The following technological advances have changed the landscape of business models all over the world.

Social Media

The internet has completely changed the way everything in our world works. One of the ways the internet continues to be changed is through social media. Media outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn allow businesses to communicate directly to customers, other businesses and potential employees at the click of a button. They no longer need to spend huge amounts of money or paper marketing materials.

The Cloud

The Cloud has given users the ability to share information and store information without the use of a user-owned server. The Cloud stores books, movies, music and documents, and employees, employers and consumers can now access these databases at the click of a button. Movie production companies can now stream movies directly to viewers, and independent record producers can now sell songs without spending money on expensive shipping and production costs.

Virtual Assistants

Businesses no longer need to hire employees to walk into an office to complete tasks. They can now outsource jobs to anyone around the world for competitive fees. If an accounting firm needs someone to work on a few accrual spreadsheets, they can hire someone online, email the virtual assistant the document and pay the assistant through wireless banking.

Wireless Credit Card Machines

The credit card machine used to be the nemesis of any business owner. At one-time credit cards were manually processed, then they were processed via a phone line. Now, with the internet, credit card processing is faster than ever. Some companies have even started offering businesses wireless credit card machines that can process cards at farmer’s markets and on the go. ACH processing is important to the efficiency of any business.

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Smartphones have brought the power of the internet to our fingertips. Companies no longer need to feel saddled by their brick and mortar locations and can take business with them wherever they go. They can download a PowerPoint before getting on an airplane; they can process payments with the click of a button and transfer money between bank accounts without leaving the couch. They can also keep in touch with employees, vendors, and customers through email, phone, and video chats.

Online Search Engine Marketing

Companies used to require paper marketing to get the word out about their products. Now, they can utilize search engine marketing for online stores. Companies selling sterling silver bracelets simply need to create an online campaign for their products, and anyone who does an internet search on sterling silver bracelets can be connected with the owner.

Technology will continue to change and make a big difference in the world of business, and it’s important to keep up with the changes to succeed.


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