Install Mac OS X Launchpad on Windows with WinLaunch App

When it comes to customization, Windows offers more features than Mac operating system. Launchpad is a feature which helps you find, organize, and easily open your apps on Mac. It can be quite handy to launch apps in a much simple way. But, unfortunately, this type of feature is missing in Windows operating system.

What is a launcher for Windows?

App or program launchers aim is to provide best and efficient way to open and manage programs. It keeps your desktop clutter free and clean. And also helpful to launch favorite apps or programs in simple clicks.

Mac OS X Launchpad in Windows

If you want to bring Launchpad app style to Windows we have a very good program called WinLaunch. To get started, simply download the program from official WinLaunch website and install on your Windows machine.

launchpad for pc free download

After installation press the F shortcut key to drag and drop your desired app shortcuts. WinLaunch is a very user-friendly application, you can add files and program shortcuts, create folders, rename folders and easily navigate through multiple pages.

WinLaunch for Windows

Once you added shortcuts and folders create a shortcut of Winlauncher in the toolbar or create a shortcut on the desktop. Whenever you want to launch programs just clicking on the WinLaunchshortcut opens the applications list. You can also customize the WinLaunch appearance by tweaking the design, size and animation option in settings.

Personally, I tested the program for three days and I satisfied with the usability. It makes my desktop look very clean and provided a best and easy way to launch programs on Windows.

Download WinLaunch.

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