Best Practices To Make Fast Google Crawling For Your Site

In a decade, Google gains significant importance in the blogger’s community. Without Google, a good amount of traffic to your site is not possible. Google created a separate algorithm for websites to push original content to the first page of search results. It is a good start to remove web spam and provide the best content results to visitors.

Google is a game changer for website owners; the ranking can change their website traffic from 0 to 1m. A particular keyword from a website can drive thousands of visits; it completely depends on your website content and optimization.

In recent years, we see very tough competition among websites and bloggers to rank high in Google search results. To make the first step towards better and faster Google indexing follow these simple practices to make fast Google crawling your site.

1.Optimizing Robots.txt file

Most of the bloggers and site owners ignore the importance of Robots.txt file. When a search engine bot starts crawling your site following sitemap submitted in Google search results and index your site.

When a search engine bots come on your blog first, they look for available permissions in Robots.txt file. If the robots.txt file contains limitations to not crawl your wp-admin area, the search bot stops indexing the part.


This is how thetechhacker Robots.txt looks like. Disallow means the file skips in the Google search bot crawling and they will not appear in Google search results. It is an optimized txt file and creates a copy to your site for better crawling and indexing.

2.Google always loves sites with excellent uptime

Google always loves faster-loading websites. Search engine bot first crawls your site images, logos, and content, if your server uptime is slow Google don’t like the slower performance and hardly index your site.

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If your website server uptime is very low, it is better to move a server with excellent uptime. Most of the hosting providers promise 99% uptime guarantee, but double check results before you proceed. Use caching plugins like WP-Rocket, W3 Total Cache to maintain the 100% uptime.

3.Update site Content Regularly

Content is the most important criteria for a website to rank in Google. A well-written content with a right amount of keywords always loves by Google. For best Google crawling rates regularly update your content. Many sites daily publish articles, it is always advisable to create fresh content enjoyed by your audience, as well as Google.

4.Internal Linking

Many people skip internal linking part but are one of the best SEO practices to understand your site by Google and other search engines. Internal linking helps you to deep crawl your entire site. Internal linking will help you to improve your site Google crawl rate and ranking.

5.Avoid duplicate content

Copied content is a negative factor for a website. Search engines are very clever more than we know, they can easily detect duplicate content in your site. Whenever they crawl on a website with fresh content, they instantly check their database that if it is copied or not.

If the crawler found duplicate content it penalizes your site from positions, results you will face huge traffic drop. It is always advisable to avoid duplicate content, make your content look fresh and SEO-friendly.

Rahul is the Editor-in-Chief at Thetechhacker, Phone Opinions, and Ask Hacker. After realizing an obsession with technology, he left his job career to write about technology.

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