How To Stop Unwanted Trackbacks and Pingbacks In WordPress

In a world of WordPress, we are enjoying its features along with some common problems like trackbacks and pingbacks when it comes to commenting. Trackbacks and Pingbacks are common problems for every WordPress user if you are one of those and want to get rid of those here is our simple guide.

What are Trackbacks and Pingbacks? and where they come from?

Trackbacks and Pingbacks are spam comments generated by spammers. They are not regular visitors to your blog, they create Trackbacks and Pingbacks by automated scripts. Just one script is capable of spreading Trackbacks and Pingbacks to a number of websites.

They do Trackbacks and Pingbacks for link building if you have a high PR and Alexa rank for your site you will have a high risk to get a ton of Trackbacks and Pingbacks.

Blocking Trackbacks and Pingbacks

How To Stop Unwanted Trackbacks and Pingbacks In WordPress

WordPress provides a simple option to get rid of Trackbacks and Pingbacks. To avoid spam comments simply head over to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Settings > Discussion page and under the default article settings uncheck the box next to ‘Allow link notifications from other blogs. This step will help you to avoid trackbacks and pingbacks for new articles.

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