Welcome, Boris. Can you introduce Microweber CMS to us?

I can say that Microweber is a new generation, open source CMS. By saying new generation, I mean that it is full of innovative technologies and features helping the users and developers to create their website, blogs or online shops fast, easy and in intuitive way.

What is Microweber

The most important thing you need to know about Microweber CMS are:

It is fully drag and drop system

The drag and drop technology we have saves time and allows the user to rearrange or add new content just with few clicks of the mouse. Using the modules we have, more than 30 included in the default installation, you can add video or Google maps for example in your page very easy and without a need to write source code.

Real time text writing and editing

Real-time text writing and editing

to use Microweber for writing a post or support a blog is really easy, because you can do this on the same page and edit the content directly as you see it.  Writing in real time using Microweber is a great convenience, because you see your post in the same way as it will appear. This allows you to focus on the writing while working with text editing.

Build it e-commerce

For us, it was important to make the system most useful for each type of user. Time ago it was strange for a CMS system to support a blog and online store functionality, but now that something is considered normal.

The E-shop we have developed is also part of the installation and is completely free with no restrictions on number of products. You can open your online store literally in minutes and it does not cost you anything.

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In the system, you can follow orders, customers, payments and everything needed for a working business. Also important thing I want to add is that when adding a new product you can specify parameters, such as size, color, and others. This is possible thanks to our custom fields.

Admin panel

The Admin panel is the place where you control your site and can add new posts, pages, categories, and products. We have developed the navigation tree shortcut that allows you to easily navigate very large sites and is comfortable to use. An important thing I want to say is that you can edit the live content and in the admin area.

Live edit mode

Users can use Live Edit mode as an alternative to Admin Panel, to edit their content and also to shape the look of their websites.

You can easily add and manage images, videos, galleries and for example from there you can change the setting of the template, background image, define color schemes, modify the logo and others.
And of-course to browse and see how the site looks in real time.

Mobile ready

Each template for Microweber is ready to for use on all kind of mobile devices.

What technologies does Microweber use?

In the beginning we started this system as an alternative to the famous existing systems. After two years of hard work, we were ready with the beta version, which was written in pure PHP language.

The code was a lot and the things became difficult to maintain, so we decided to go on a recent PHP framework LARAVEL where the community of developers is much bigger than our team and the system can be supported by many people around the world. Other technologies we use are Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL and others. What kind of users are you targeting with Microweber?

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What kind of users are you targeting with Microweber?

This is a very interesting question, because Microweber is a tool designed to be used by end users. At the same time Microweber is used by developers, web designers companies and freelancers.
This is very good because the end user can rely on the larger community, to maintain and develop their sites and projects.
Our goal is to create an eco system in which connects end-users and developers allowing the users to buy their developers’ products in our marketplace.

I also noted that many hosting companies connect with us with requests for integration of Microweber on their servers, which will lead to a larger market for developers of Templates and Modules and this way the end user will be the winner.

What can we expect from Microweber in version 1.0?

Version 1 was released only a few weeks ago. Now we need to focus on creating more templates and modules. These are the things that are asked by our users. On the other side there are developers who want richer documentation and guides for creating templates and modules.

We continue to improve the system and to fix bugs. We have good support and strive to meet the high demands of consumers who always want quality products.

Developing the Marketplace is also a major task on which we need to work.

The most basic thing, however, is yet to allow multi-language support, so a site can be on several languages at the same time.

All this is about to happen and will continue to work with pleasure in this direction.

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Why to choose Microweber over other systems? Is not busy market?

Internet is big enough to have competition. We have developed this system because the others were hard for us to work with and not so flexible. Before we started with Microweber we had a web design agency and met with many of the problems and requirements of the customers. From there was born the idea of Microweber. You could say that it was born from the needs of the users.
We think we have a future and even ambitions to establish ourselves on the market as a good alternative to commercial systems. All comments and opinions we receive by mail and online inspires us even more and gives us faith that we are on the right track.

What will CMS’s and websites will look like in 5 years?

3 years ago when we started from scratch did not know what lies ahead. Thus, I do know what will be after five years. The system will be an alternative to the existing ones, at least as far as depends on us. Will endeavor to turn it into one. I hope that by then we are more than 3 people, because now, so big is our team.

If we think optimistically, I can say that Microweber after 5 years will Microweber or in one word will be grown up enough.

We hope your readers to appreciate this product and use it boldly because we are behind them, ready to help! Thank you for your time and this interview!

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