AOMEI PXE Boot Free: Boot Your Computers From An Image File On Network

If your PC won’t start then you might try to recover the situation by booting from some other recovery environment: your Windows DVD, an antivirus disc, backup tool, whatever it might be. If you can’t find that disc — or maybe your computer doesn’t have a working disc drive — then you can alternatively boot from an ISO image held on another computer, with a little help from AOMEI’s new PXE Boot Free.

AOMEI PXE Boot is extremely useful for those who have computer on LAN with no CD-ROM drive and USB ports which are generally used for system recovery as well as clean install of Windows operating system. Moreover it becomes a daunting task to install Windows on each of the computer manually one by one, therefore PXE boot is useful in such circumstances. AOMEI PXE Boot is 100% freeware clean from malware and doesn’t nag for upgrade to pro version or something like that. It is free foor both personal as well as commercial use.

Once you are done, with selecting an appropriate option, hit the ‘Start Service’ button and you’re done. After starting the service, you will be able to see the devices that are connected to the PXE Boot Service.

Compared with other PXE boot tools, AOMEI PXE Boot Tool supports bootable micro-system created by you. Therefore, if you have a powerful Linux bootable ISO or Windows PE bootable ISO, you can easily maintain the computers within LAN through network with your micro-system.

Download AOMEI PXE Boot Free

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