Schedule Your Facebook and Twitter Posts With Postfity

Many of us are Facebook and Twitter regular users. Facebook and Twitter allow us to make status updates, photos, our feelings and much more. Literally, there are an infinite number of opportunities are available with these social networks. Social networks are becoming an important part of lives, they provide a smarter way to project ourselves in front of the world. If you are a smart user of social networking sites and looking for a better way to handle them, try Postfity.

No matter whether you are a regular Facebook user, Businessman, media person or a celebrity, you don’t need to spend your precious time on Facebook for updating status. In some simple clicks you can schedule your updates for one week using Postfity.

Postfity is a web-based service which lets you handle all major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. The service offers scheduling posts, multiple accounts management, sharing options and much more.

Postfity Authentication

How does Postfity work?

To get started, open Postfity website and login with any of the social networking sites to proceed. While in authentication you can select the Facebook pages you want to manage with Postfity. The first thing you notice about Postfity is its clean user interface. After successful authentication, you can start the service with composing an update. After composing click on “Schedule” button and select a time for posting.

Scheduling Facebook Posts using Postify

Postfity allows you to manage multiple accounts at a time along with a queue of posts at regular intervals. The scheduling feature is very helpful for business people who want to post their business promotions regularly. You can any time cancel or delete your scheduled posts in the main dashboard.

Overall, Postfity is a very good web-based tool to manage your social updates easily. It is a power packed service for individuals and business people to manage their social media accounts.


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    Cypher - Mass Planner Jun 8, 2015 at 2:26 am

    Awesome little app. Can you also check out Mass Planner 🙂 Send us an email, we might help each other out.

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