How To Remove Login Page Shake Effect In WordPress

Every website comes with a login page in order to enter into the editing mode. For WordPress, we see a simple login page for admins, authors, contributors, and editors. If we accidentally forget username/password of a WordPress website and fails to enter into login it shows a simple shake effect in an unsuccessful login attempt.

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The main aim of the shake effect is to represent that we made a mistake while entering the credentials. Sometimes it looks silly and irritating while attempting login process. If you are one of those who don’t like the login shake effect in WordPress login page this simple trick will remove the effect.

How to remove login shake effect in WordPress

Removing login shake effect in WordPress login page is pretty easy. All you need to do is add a simple script the function.php file. To get started, open FTP client and enter your WordPress directory and find functions.php file.

/wp-contents/themes/ under active theme functions.php file.

Or you can access functions.php file also from your WordPress Dashboard.

// Remove login shake effect
function bswp_remove_login_shake() {
remove_action('login_head', 'wp_shake_js', 12);
add_action('login_head', 'bswp_remove_login_shake');

Simply add the above-given script to the functions.php file. This code simply removes the Javascript responsible for shaking effect, it doesn’t effect any theme functionalities. After adding the code save the file and test the login page for confirmation.

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