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Music is gods gift; it refreshes our mind in any situations. Thanks to the Internet, now we can enjoy millions of songs in a couple of clicks. There are some sites available to download music illegally from The Internet. Downloading music illegally is against to ethics and violates policies. If you are an honest kind of person like me and want support artists, musicians, and retailers by paying the price for the album, there are also a various way to buy music online.

There are plenty of services available on the Internet to purchase songs and albums, services like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes are few of them. Most of these services prices are similar and not affordable. If you are looking for a cheap music download service which lets you download original soundtracks legally by paying tiny amounts here is our hand-picked list.



With a vast collection of 460,000 songs in its library, it is one of the biggest song repositories in the world. Jamendo lets you stream and download music from its vast library. Apart from its specialties, many world class singers contributing to Jamendo by uploading their work as royalty free music. This service supports 6 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish and French.

Platform Availability: It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.



eMusic service is familiar for Winamp media player users. After installing Winamp for the first time, you get 50 free songs from the eMusic site. This is their advertising strategy to promote their service to end users. eMusic is one of the best services to get cheaper music online. Thier deals are very affordable, all you need to pay $11.99 (starting plan) per month to get 24 legal music tracks. Means each song costs only $0.49 cents.



For $10 per month, you will get unlimited music streaming and unlimited downloads on mobile. MOG is very popular across mobile devices, after sign up you’ll get instant access to millions of songs. Finding a particular genre is very easy, MOG offers blues, indie, pop, folk, hip-hop, world music and much more including personalized Radio. Personally, I also liked the audio quality, the service offers up to 320kbps.

We have very long list of cheap music downloading sites, in short we have listed the honorable mentions below.

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