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What Is a Digital Flipbook? Publications such as digital e-books, magazines or even newspapers can be published on the Internet and are known as electronic publications or digital publishing. These publications can be written, audio or visual materials. It is becoming more and more common to distribute these publications to consumers through the use of tablet reading devices. This digital market continues to grow by the millions each year by online vendors including Amazon’s Kindle bookstore, Apple iTunes bookstore, and the Google Play Bookstore.

Any of these digital publications or documents can be converted into a chic one with flipping pages known as a flipbook. A professional creator of flipbooks can craft a flipbook publication that will look perfect on any iPhone, Android phone, desktop computer, iPad or tablet.

Flipbooks in 2015

Many ground-breaking publishing sites of the Internet presently support millions of flipbooks making them the top rapidly growing publishing platform of the world today. These websites offer their readers free flipbooks of innovative publishers on a wide variety of subjects such as world travel, art, film, food and cloud-based business. Flipbook sites flourish and grow daily to become huge publishing networks. If you want to find out more about Flipbooks.

The Future of Flipbooks

With the technology of today, you can publish a Flipbook or magazine that instead of the old PDFs can be an ePaper book that imitates the real turning of pages. It will be a totally interactive experience for your readers.

EBooks become standard: As eBooks become an accepted part of today’s society that young people and older folks as well enjoy, they begin to be seen as the standard of books. This is caused by the expanding of the eBook library, the reading devices becoming more affordable and the improving of the formatting. As teachers accept the eBooks, the use of them in the classroom will result in the eBooks becoming the choice for reading materials for tomorrow’s generation.

In time publishers will adapt: Now that it is 2015, it certainly wouldn’t make sense to keep 2014 calendars. Likewise, publishers who don’t take advantage of the new technology of publishing online with Flipbooks and discard the old, stale PDF format will die out.

Digital sales will rise: Hard-copy book sales will decay as digital sales grow daily. If publishers are to stay in business, they will have to change their focus. They will have to lessen their focus on creating a physical product and in its place publicize quality content digitally. Since the cost of publicizing a new author or book will be far less, risky choices will be more affordable. Publishers who take advantage of the opportunities for experimentation will succeed by using their marketing skills.

Formatting will improve: eBooks are basically readable, but books such as classics that are re-released do have problems in their formatting. Therefore, there is a major need to improve formatting systems.

The formatting problems are mostly caused by tablets. Tablets with a cost below $200 such as the Google Nexus 7 are an example of a device that in order to read the classics must have formatting improvements. However, both the Android tablets and the iOS lineup have currently saturated the market with the technology of tablets allowing everyone to conveniently read eBooks.

The result will be that the formatting will be improved and the stripping out of the formatting problems will be automatic. There will be a creation of new software solutions to facilitate easier formatting. This improvement of the formatting will increase the use of eBooks in both classroom and professional settings.

Screening system will be needed: With digital publishing or flipbooks, a system to separate the good books from the horrible ones will be needed. Currently, the advertising determines the sales and not the content quality.

Battery Life will determine whether tablets or eReaders dominate the market: Currently, the simplicity of eReaders allows a battery life of two months. However, if tablets are able to extend their battery life to be competitive with the eReaders, they may cause the end of the eReaders.

Advantages of Online Flipbooks

Allows text interaction: When readers experience the feel of turning pages, they will be reminded of the same, pleasant feeling of reading an actual book. They will be able to control the pace of their reading by determining when to turn the page. The animation of the page flipping interaction and sound give the reader comfort and joy in reading.

Cost efficient: Using electronic media significantly reduces the cost of producing either a book or magazine due to the elimination of binding, materials, pressing and shipping. The cost efficiency of publishing electronically makes it possible for anyone to publish.

Enhanced Features: Flipbooks you create from PDFs can allow features such as animation to be added to your content. The animation increases user engagement and interactivity, and at the same time added video and audio allows for a totally interactive experience for readers.

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