How To Unlock Bootloader On OnePlus 2 Smartphone

OnePlus 2 is making a lot of buzz after the announcement. Like its previous flagship killer, OnePlus revealed that the new OnePlus 2 will be available for purchase via the Invite System. The device is officially available from Aug 11, 2015.

The OnePlus 2 built with decent specs with affordable price tag. Talking about the hardware, the OnePlus 2 has a 1080p LTPS screen at 401ppi, fingerprint scanner, USB Type-C port and runs on a modified version of Android 5.1 Operating System called Oxygen OS 2.0.

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In this tutorial, we show you how to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 2. If you know what is Bootloader read our detailed guide about What Is Bootloader On Android Device and Advantages & Disadvantages Of Unlocking Bootloader.

Unlocking Bootloader on OnePlus 2

1.First download and install OnePlus 2 drivers and ADB/Fastboot files on your PC.

2.Enter your OnePlus 2 device into Fastboot/Bootloader mode.

3.Now connect your OnePlus 2 to your PC.

4.Now open ADB folder placed on C:/ADB and open the command prompt windows using Shift+ Right-clicking on the ADB folder.

5.Now check you fastboot connection status by entering below command.

fastboot device

6.After confirmation, now run the following command to unlock the bootloader.

fastboot oem unlock

7.The command will unlock your OnePlus 2 Bootloader in few seconds of time. After successful unlock the device will automatically reboot.

8.For confirmation again enter into fastboot mode and enter the following command in command prompt.

fastboot oem device-info

The successful unlocking bootloader shows following message on the command prompt window.

  • Device tampered: true
  • Device unlocked: true

9.Now reboot your phone with following command.

fastboot reboot

That’s it now you have a bootloader unlocked OnePlus 2 Android Smartphone.

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