Download Official iOS 9 Wallpapers Available In Beta 5

Apple just released iOS 9 Beta 5 build. The Beta 5 build has introduced new features along with beautiful wallpapers set. The wallpapers introduced in iOS 9 Beta 5 are very beautiful with an abstract pattern and planets with dark backgrounds.

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iOS 9 Wallpapers Download

The Beta 9 shows some improvements in the usability of iOS 9. It has some features like Suggested Apps, new keyboard tweaks, Text Replacement and Wifi assist and many more. The iOS 9 is in the final stage and the final build available for iPhone 5, 6 and along with upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Downlaod official iOS 9 Wallpapers

If you are a strict follower of Apple simplicity, these wallpapers are gorgeous and likable. The below link contains Zip file of 15 PNG wallpapers of iOS 9.

Updated – Download Official iOS 9 Wallpapers Available in Beta 5

Apple released some new beta versions of the OS for developers and non-developers alike. You can now enjoy iOS 9 beta 5 and iOS 9 Public Beta 3 as these two releases come with plenty of features and changes. One of the few changes that you’ll notice as you download these two versions is the new wallpapers. Of course, you’re going to need to download these wallpapers.

New iOS 9 Wallpapers and What to Expect

These wallpapers are minimalistic and abstract as well. Apple has taken the decision to stick with its nature motif for this line of wallpapers. You should expect to see a lot of planets, plants, and landscapes in the selection of wallpapers. They follow the trend of very minimal wallpapers that was first started with the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This would have been noticed by some as well during the tail end of last year with the release of the final build of iOS 8.

The iOS 9 beta is meant to improve and make use of the retina displays that come with some of the newer Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iOS 9 wallpapers come with a resolution of 1242×2208. This makes these set of images parallax ready (which we don’t need to explain how awesome that’ll be). You can get to experience the depth and motion that this effect can bring on your phone with these wallpapers.

There might be some worries out there about whether the images will fit any screen size, the answer is yes. The images are big enough to fit on any 1080p display. You could choose to wait for the update in order to get the new wallpapers, or you could choose the other option. The good news for you is that we here at the tech hacker have obtained these images for you. You can download them via a link that we have attached. You could choose to download them all in one single zip file, or you can download each image one at a time, it’s all up to you.


On that note, the release of the new beta versions of iOS 9 is expected to come with a host of new features. No need to worry, the wallpaper is not the only thing that you should get excited about. We’re expecting some bug fixes as well as performance tweaks to come with the updates. This new release does give us hope that the final build of iOS 9 is about to be with us soon or at the very least that this OS is in its final stages.

Before we forget, we do have to let you know that these new wallpapers do come at a price. The addition of these new wallpapers does mean that you’re going to lose some of the older ones in order to make some room for them. Keep that in mind, before getting the wallpapers.

Download iOS 9 Wallpapers

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