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NT08 Smartwatch Review

Smartwatches are slowly gaining wearable market share with their unique features. Every company is trying to make a product that can stand out. I’m a wearable freak, love to wear watches. Before choosing a smartwatch, I consider some additional features, design, and overall build quality.

Fitness trackers are useful but after the introduction of activity tracking features in smartwatch’s they are facing a downfall. People are still buying standalone fitness trackers; they’ll need to do more to attract future customers. In the mean time, Smartwatch’s coming with all attractive and useful features like Music Player, Camera Remote, Sleep monitoring and calling features. Today I want to introduce a watch which has all necessary features required by a smartwatch with fitness tracking capabilities. Meet NT08, a watch with powerful features and attractive looks.

NT08 Water Proof Watch

NT08 Smartwatch Review: Build Quality & Features

Design wise you have a great looking watch. While we see most of the budget smart watch not concentrating on design, NT08 has done a good job with the design. The watch dial is built with stainless steel and comes in three colors Black, Silver and Local Tyrants Gold. The rear panel has a matte finish and again feels good although the quality is up to the levels. For three color watch dials, the leather buckle is suitable and gives a premium look.

The NT08 sports a 1.54-inch TFT touch 240×240 pixel display, which is one of the better displays available at this price point and suitable even for small wrists. The display is bright, colorful and enjoyable even in bright sunny outdoors. The viewing angles are also good on the display, and we don’t have too much to complain about this aspect. The overall feel of the watch on your wrist is good.

The watch packs a 0.3 pix Camera along with remote capture feature. The user can dial any phone number with a built-in SIM card or use the smartphone with Bluetooth connection. You can remotely answer calls; the best part is the watch can show pictures of contacts present on your phone.

For entertainment needs, the watch has FM tuner and MP3 player. It comes with external memory card support up to 32GB. Coming to sensors, it has Pedometer for monitoring distance, Sleep Monitoring for measure your sleep quality and sedentary reminder.

Watch Synchronization


To be clear, it’s got all the necessary features. When I strapped it to my wrist, I felt it is a very light weight on my wrist. Performance wise the watch is decent. You can expect a good performance while navigating on the watch, connecting is pretty easy with the phone. In a few clicks, the watch can easily connect to your phone with a successful Bluetooth connection. The call quality on the watch was decent, and we didn’t notice any issues with calls. The speaker quality is good for both entertainment and calling purpose.

NT08 Smartwatch Features

For security, the watch has  “Smart Prevention Security” to prevent loss of the smartphone. The watch will ring an alarm when the distance between phone and watch exceeds 10-15m range. I wanted far more out of this product. It is a waterproof watch; it has an IP67 level waterproof rating. The watch is idle for washing, bathing and swimming too.

Quick Specifications

SIM card / Bluetooth phone call(Bluetooth v3.0) /
You can dial or answer a phone call from your wrist watch
Effortlessly send/receive messages to have a good interaction with your friends
Phonebook / call log / message/ music sync
Easily realize information Synchronization with your universal smartphone.
Music playing
Enjoy splendid music anywhere and anytime
0.3M pix camera
You can freely take phone by using the camera of the watch or remote control your universal smart phone
1.54 inch TFT touch screen
Best suitable screen size with high definition picture displaying gives you great experience
Sleep monitoring
Carefully monitor your sleep quality
Record the steps you take and count the distance to make you fully control your sports
Sedentary reminder
Develop scientific habits and effectively resist sub-health.
Other functions
Sound recorder/ alarm / calendar / calculator


Priced at $37, is the NT08 Smartwatch worth the money? The answer is yes. If you are looking to buy a new smartwatch with a good display, looks, and performance, then the NT08 is worth buying.

NT08 Smartwatch Review
6.7 Overall
Premium Looks Price
Priced at $37, is the NT08 Smartwatch worth the money? Answer is yes. If you are looking to buy a new smartwatch with good display, looks and performance, then the NT08 is worth buying.
Build Quality7


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