Yabb Text and Voice Messenger App Review

Without any doubt, all Smartphone users are using at least one Messenger app. New arrivals on the Messenger Apps category is also growing day by day. Only the Messenger Apps providing new Functions and User Experiences with free or low cost stands in the market while others are packing their bags.

The New arrival in this category is – Yabb Text and Messenger App, which is owned and developed by Baycall from Australia. Yabb is a free Text, Voice and Video Call and Photo Editor. This app is Free to use and no subscription to the app needed. Read our full review to know the full features and uses of Yabb Text and Voice Messenger App.

Yabb App Features

How to Install and Use?

Yabb Text and Messenger App is currently available in Android and IOS Platform and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android and from Itunes Store for IOS. No rooting or Jailbreak of devices needed.

To use this app to chat or send media to others, they also need to be installed this app in their device. If they are not using this app, you can invite them using the Invite button in the App.

Yabb Text and Voice Messenger Detailed Features

1. Free Texts and Calls : You can send as much as Text messages, Voice messages, Photos, Videos, Locations and Maps for free also you can make a voice call and video call using this app, which is also free. You can chat or call anyone in the world using this app as all International Texts and Calls are allowed at free of cost.

2. Group Chat: Yabb is giving the option to create Group, using that you can make a group and add members as you like and chat together. No need to stick only to one on one Chat. You can set the Group as Public or Private. Remember, when you set the Group as Public anyone can join to your Group. Also, it is possible to hide the Text message from unwanted followers.

3. Privacy: Yabb is providing a high level of privacy when compared to other Messenger apps. You have options to chat publicly or privately.

Shout-Out message is another feature where we can send messages to more recipients without revealing the details of other recipients to each other (like the “bcc” function of E-mail).

Whisper Mode is an outstanding feature of Yabb. This feature allows us to send Self-Destructing Texts, Photos, Videos, Voice messages and even Maps. To use this feature, you have to chat through Whisper Mode. Messages sent through whisper mode will disappear once read. You can set the time for messages from  1 second to 15 seconds as you wish.

4. Find People Nearby: If you would like to chat with the people nearby, you can easily catch them using the “People nearby” feature, which shows the people using Yabb in the nearby locations. This is a Rare feature in a Messenger app.

5. Search and Share Youtube Videos: Search and Share Youtube videos from within the Yabb App. No need to go to Youtube app or browser to share the video. This feature is very helpful to the Youtube users.

Animated Stickers

6. Stickers, Emoji, and Custom Background: Yabb is having both stickers and Emoji in huge variety which trigger us to use more animated Stickers and Emoji in our chatting. One more added feature is Custom background to the Texts. So, you can design any particular special text in the way you want.

7. Photo Editor: Using the Yabb Photo Editor inbuilt with the Messenger App, You can design and decorate any Photo using Stickers, Filters, Frames, Overlays, Lighting and Color effects. Photo Editor also includes a Meme Creator that lets you create a meme easily.


Basic thing which everyone look into the Messenger app is Free Text and Media chat. Looking at this point, Yabb Text and Voice Messenger App is giving everything for free as a Messenger App while some messenger apps are asking for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

This App completely having all the basic and necessary features like Text, Voice calls, Video calls, Locations and Map sharing, Stickers, Emoji, Group Chat, Private chat etc. When talking about Privacy, Yabb is giving an Outstanding Privacy features like Whisper Mode and Shout Out with privacy over recipients list which are not even available in leading messenger apps. Youtube search and share functions and Photo Editor options made this App add to the list of  “Must Try Apps”. This App is definitely worth a Try.

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Yabb Text and Voice Messenger App Review
7.9 Overall
UI Simplicity
This App completely having all the basic and necessary features like Text, Voice calls, Video calls, Locations and Map sharing, Stickers, Emoji, Group Chat, Private chat etc.
User Interface7.5
Value For Money8.5

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