YU Releases JYUICE Power Banks-Details

Micromax’s  YU  Televentures added a new accessory in their list after Launching  New Power bank named JYUICE With a capacity of a 5000mAh and 10000mAh battery. After popular brand Xiaomi, Asus, and OnePlus Now YU also come in the business of portable power bank. Micromax launches YU in late 2014. Now with YU excellence branding phone this power bank also make people’s life easier when out of station.

In just 10 months, the brand gets lots of popularity in the technology world. The price of JYUICE Power bank with capacity 5000mAh is 699rs and 1099rs for 10000mAh capacity.  The company claim that the mobile with battery 2000mAh can be charged 2.4 times with light version of JYUICE (5000mAh) power bank and  4.6 times with heavy Version(10000mAh). JYUICE Power bank have very lightweight and coated with Aluminum Alloy shell that help to reduce the chances of electrolyte leakage and also prevent rusting and corrosion.

YU JYUICE Power Banks Price and Availability

JYUICE Powerbank also comes with a unique feature to let users know about the battery status of power bank. It has an LED that indicates the battery status. If LED flash Red light means the battery is less than 30% and if its Yellow then it’s in between 30-70% and Green LED flash indicates the battery greater than 70%. Light Weight version has one USB port and one mini port to charge the devices and heavy version of juice have 2 USB port and one mini port to charge the device.

It gives the out supply according to the device that is connected to the power bank to save the power. Its Innovative circuit-chip protection protects from power surges. If we talk about the design of JYUICE power bank then both are made up of same material Aluminum  alloy and battery type of both power bank is Lithium-polymer. Now about the dimensions JYUICE light version has a thickness of 7.9mm while Heavy version have 12.5mm.

Some Key Features of JYUICE Power Bank:

  • LED Flash Battery Status Indicator
  • Light Weight
  • Fast charging
  • Coated with Aluminum Alloy Anodizing that prevent rusting and corrosion
  • Charging efficiency up to 92%

Both JYUICE 5000mAh and 10000mAh power bank available for purchase at Snapdeal at 699rs and 1099rs respectively.


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