Wondershare PDFelement for Mac Detailed Review

PDFs (Portable Document Format) are one of the most used file formats to create, edit and share documents between users and computers. Since the format is independent of application software, operating system, and the hardware, it has quickly grown in popularity and has become a part of our lives when it comes to online documents.

Though there are a lot of software that helps you in reading PDF documents, there are very few credible and feature rich software that can actually help you in creating PDF documents, be it a simple document or a complex document filled with interactive fields and other stuff. WonderShare PDFelement is one such software for your Mac system that makes it very easy to create, edit and manage your PDF documents.

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In this quick review, let us get to know more about the WonderShare PDFelement software for Mac.



Installation is a normal procedure like other apps.

1.First download the program from the official Wondershare website.
2.The downloaded file will be stored in Downloads folder.
3.Double-click on the app to open the installation window.

4.Simply drag and drop the PDFelement app into the Application folder.

Activation Help

You can test the Wondershare PDFelemnt in trial mode. But the trial program has few limitations while using.

1. Leave watermark on your PDF files.
2. Convert up to 5 pages of your PDF files and convert half of the pages if the PDF file has less than 5 pages.
3. No OCR function available.


In trial mode you can find Buy now and Register buttons at the bottom of the program. If you want to purchase the program click on Buy now option. If you already purchased the product you will get an email from Wondershare Mailer of product registration information. Simply enter the registration information details in Register button to activate the program.

WonderShare PDFelement for Mac Review

As I said before, WonderShare PDFelement for Mac is easy to use PDF creator or editor with all the professional level and advanced features that you will ever need. Though the software is absolutely filled with features, the user interface is pretty neat and is also very easy to use, even if you are a beginner level user in creating or editing PDF documents.

User Interface

Just like any other PDF creator, you can easily add Images beside your regular text to make your PDF documents much more user-friendly and compelling. You can also create radio forms and buttons for data collection and other conditional forms. The good thing about the software is that you can easily create a PDF document out of any file. Yes, if you can open a file, you can create a PDF document out of it. WonderShare PDFelement supports several hundred of file formats out of the box.

Besides from adding the regular text and images, you can also use the WonderShare PDFelement software to create complex and interactive forms. This helps you in such a way that you can now send the finished PDF document containing your required form fields to a third party user so that the user who received can fill the form and send it back to you, just like an online form. In case you are wondering, most online tax forms work this way.

If you are creating official PDF documents then you might need to sign your PDF documents. So, if you ever need to sign a PDF document then look no further than WonderShare PDFelement. In fact, signing a PDF document using WonderShare PDFelement software is just a matter of few clicks due to its easy to use user interface.

PDFelement uses

While creating the PDF documents, WonderShare PDFelement software lets you protect your PDF document with a password so that no one besides you can open, edit or alter the PDF document without permission.

Besides from creating and editing PDF documents, WonderShare PDFelement software is also capable of converting documents from PDF to several other formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, RTF, etc. Apart from converting from and to different formats, the software also lets you combine multiple PDF documents into one.

One thing that I love most about WonderShare PDFelement software is that it has an optional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) module which enables you to scan an image containing the text and create PDF document from it. The OCR module in WonderShare PDFelement software is pretty useful if you have several printed text documents that you want to convert into PDF documents.

Once the text has been scanned from the image, you can do all sorts of things like search and replace, adding images, adding additional text, resizing and removing images, etc. You can interact with it like any other PDF document. Besides from the regular English language, OCR module also supports several other languages like Korean, Italian, French, German, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Greek, etc.

The other interesting feature is that you can easily apply a range of permissions to your PDF documents so that you can restrict a user from printing, copying, editing or extracting the data without your permission. WonderShare PDFelement software also has a pretty neat feature called PDF Redaction which lets to permanently black out any text or image in a PDF document. This feature is pretty useful if you have any personal or sensitive information that you don’t want to show the third party.

Some other miscellaneous features of WonderShare PDFelement include but not limited to free PDF templates, custom signatures, annotating PDF documents, etc.


As you can see, WonderShare PDFelement for Mac is one useful software that has several awesome features you will ever need for creating simple or complex PDF documents. If you are someone who is looking for an easy to use PDF editor or just someone who works with a lot of PDF documents, then you should have WonderShare PDFelement in your software arsenal.
That’s all for now. Hopefully, that helps and do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using the WonderShare PDFelement for Mac to create, edit and share PDF documents on your Mac machine.

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Wondershare PDFelement for Mac Review
8.5 Overall
Usability Features
As you can see, WonderShare PDFelement for Mac is one useful software that has several awesome features you will ever need for creating simple or complex PDF documents.
Value for money9
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