iSing Karaoke – Let’s Sing App – A Karaoke Social Android App

From the pool of Android Apps, today we picked an entertaining app which is getting popular now called “iSing Karaoke – Let’s Sing”  by King Sing Interactive Entertainment Inc.

The Name itself tell the story of the app. It’s a Karaoke singing app. Though there are so many Karaoke sing apps in Android, this iSing Karaoke – Let’s Sing is getting popular with their wide range of 100,000 songs from English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Thai.

This app gives a stage for everyone to sing the popular songs in karaoke style. So, you may become a famous singer in minutes using this app. All you have to do is Install the app in your Android Device, and select a song from the wide 100,000 songbook list and sing the song from the scrolling lyrics with the music.

You become a singer in few minutes. Then what? You want the world to hear your song, right? Just upload the song and get thousands of listeners and fans.You can also hear the songs of other Karaoke Singers.

King Sing Interactive Entertainment Inc. confirmed that currently more than 200,000 people using this App. Let’s look into the Highlights of this Karaoke App.

iSing Android App

Highlights of “iSing Karaoke – Let’s Sing” App

  • iSing Karaoke – Let’s Sing is a free app. You can install it free from the Google Play store.
  • More than 100,000 Songs in English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Thai.
  • More than 200,000 Listeners to listen to your song
  • No Registration required to login. Just a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Line account login is enough.
  • The Good Graphics and User Interface in the Karaoke App gives good user experience and engage the users in using it more.
  • The Songbook is getting regularly updated with more songs every day.
  • If you don’t find your favorite song in the Songbook, you can request the song in the supported languages such as English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thai.
  • Like the Karaoke Box which shows scrolling lyrics while recording the song, iSing karaoke too have the Karaoke Box Experience in the App to make your singing experience the ease and fun.
  • Your song will reach all iSing Karaoke users and so you can have fans if you did something funny and extraordinary. An easy way to get famous as well as show your singing skills to thousands of people.
  • The App allows us to find the locations of users if they enable to show their locations. You can also choose to enable or disable to show your location. Finding a nearby singer would be fun sometimes.

As we have seen the Highlights of the iSing Karaoke App, like other Apps this app to have some bugs and limitations. Let’s have a look into the Limitations.

iSing Android App Features

Limitations of “iSing Karaoke – Let’s Sing” App

  • Supported languages are very less.
  • You need a Headphone with the microphone to sing and record the song.
  • Some bugs are reported by the users. So, this app is not a bug-free one, but the support team is working great. Almost all the reviews in the Google Play store got a reply. Most of the reported bugs were fixed.

For Karaoke singing, there are so many apps available in the Android market, but this one is better than almost all of them. But, the biggest limitation is, Songs from so many major languages are not available in this app. At least, English added in their songs list to open the international platform. If you ask me, “Is this App really entertaining ?, My answer is,  “Yes, if you love Songs and Karaoke, this is the best entertainer for you”.

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