Best Apps For Professional Networking

Staying in touch with business partners and making connections can be more challenging than meets the eye. The way we communicate with people and market our business has been completely altered. The good news is now we have advanced technology to help us stay in touch. Whether we want to admit it or not, smartphones are unique from the lives of most people in business. These gadgets help us stay connected. Here are some cool apps for professional networking you cannot overlook.


When it comes to networking, meeting new people is probably the most difficult thing to do. That’s particularly true if you’re new to the business environment. The Happening app comes with a varied palette of functionalities. It locates upcoming events that are close to you so that you can pick the ones you’d like to attend. It also assists with the creation of groups of people, as well as plug-in additions with functionalities aimed at those specific groups. The Happening app supports chat (and anonymous chatting), photo galleries, Reddit-like conversations, and more.


Aloqa is an excellent app for business people who travel a lot. It uses your smartphone’s GPS system to determine location. It is also capable of recommending activities, events, and even dining places in that particular location. With Aloqa, it has never been easier to locate a client or partner. Basically, it doesn’t matter where you’re going because this app will be right there to help you manage and make the most of the surroundings. The app works on both Android and iOS phones.


It can be a real struggle to meet with a client, collaborator or co-worker who’s not from your city or region. MeetMe is the kind of app that can make things a lot better. All you have to do is select Point A (your location) and Point B (your contact’s location). Then the app will offer a list with convenient places you can meet in the middle. As soon as you’ve selected a destination, MeetMe will send directions to both of you via email. It’s as simple as that!


Shapr allows you to network with people who interest you. The app is similar to an agent; only it is for professional relationships. The mobile-only app is aimed at start-ups and business people who want to connect with others and gain recognition. Shapr is a social networking app meant for people who want to share their experiences and interests with trusted contacts who operate in a similar domain. It is an excellent opportunity for new entrepreneurs to introduce themselves and boost their careers.



Vivastream is an app that helps business people and entrepreneurs meet up with like-minded individuals. The social channel helps with finding the right people for your business. All you have to do is join the network with your LinkedIn profile. Select tags that match your interests and expertise, and locate people who are relevant to you and your business goals.


Business conferences are all about exchanging business cards. But then you’ll have to get home and input all those contacts into an address book, which can be rather annoying. With CamCard meeting (and remembering) people is a lot simpler. Use the app to take a picture of the business cards you receive at a conference or business event. CamCard acts like an e-reader. It is a simple way of exchanging and managing business cards, and it is ideal for developers, sales people, and marketing experts. Some of the app’s best features: e-card support in case you run out of paper cards, scanning & storing business cards, access to information via multiple devices, and more.


Namerick is a cool networking app that helps you remember people’s names. In business, remembering names can be a challenge; particularly when you meet 20 people a day. Namerick allows users to record names as well as write down specific notes about a person. This way it will be easier for you remember them in case you want to speak with them again.

There are so many professional networking apps out there that it can be a challenge to just pick one. Whether you need outsourced IT support or just someone to keep tabs on people or places, it’s always a good idea to use technology to stay in touch.

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