Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch – Features, Price and Review

Huawei is a big brand from China and well known for their quality and value in their business for a long time. Smartphones are just an additional product in their business. In Smartphone market, they are having a good name and popularity in Asian countries and some European countries. After they ruled over China, they captured Asian market and now target worldwide reach and very aggressive in their marketing to get what they deserve.

Huawei’s Honor is a popular and reliable brand for so many buyers. After their smartphones got hit in the market, Huawei now entered into the Smartwatch category. Huawei Honor Zero is their Smartwatch with a sexy and elegant design. Anyone will like this Smartwatch once they seen its picture. Now We are going to analyze its features, price and its value for money.


First look itself drawn our attention 100% to the Huawei Honor Zero. It is very simple design but gives us ultra fashioned stylish look, particularly the Dial. The Dial is round in shape with shining stainless steel case. The stainless steel is polished to convey a stylish look as well as to protect the Dial. This Dial is a show stopper design that steal our heart.

The strap used have some good values. It is made up of TPU band material, which has medical grade quality. TPU material is certified as Skin friendly and Anti – Allergic. So, many smartwatch makers are not considering the allergic reactions while selecting the strap material. In that case, we have to appreciate Huawei for their concern over the buyers. Coming to the design of the strap, it has diamond shaped Grid pattern design. It is an understated design to build up the Dial in front of it.

It is very clear that Huawei picked minimalism while designing the Huawei Honor Zero watch.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch Price


The display is very cool to look. It used PMOLED cool and light screen. Screen resolution is 128 x 128 pixels like most of the other smartwatches. Screen size is 1.06 inch only. You can understand the minimal design with the small screen size. But, the round screen gives us more space to use the touchscreen than a square screen. One more point to note that there is a button to the sides of the Dial like we seen in other smartwatches. It means all the functions can be done with the Touch screen.


The chip used in this smartwatch is Cortex M4 STM32F411, which is capable of high-speed data processing. Generally smartwatch only needs lesser amount of data transfer. So, this chip is more than enough for the functions of Honor Zero.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch Details


Battery capacity is 70 mAh. It has a 14-15 day of standby time and 4 days of working time. To charge the Smartwatch Pogo Pin charging interface is added. It has fast charging feature, which can reach 100% of charge within 1.5 hours.


  • Compatible for Android 4.4 and above and iOS 7.0 and above
  • Bluetooth 4.1 is used for connectivity between devices
  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof. It is the most strict standard in the proofing technology. It means you can swim with the watch in a pool. Water won’t affect the functions of Smartwatch.
  • Attending an incoming call and muting the call functions.
  • Call from the Smartwatch using Bluetooth
  • Messages will be shown in the watch
  • Alarm
  • Vibration Alert mode
  •  4 clock interfaces available
  • Sports tracking with Pedometer
  • Sleep monitor
  • Sedentary reminder


Huawei Honor Zero smartwatch is selling at $89.89. But with this coupon code GBZERO, you can get this watch at $74.79 with the sale link we provide at last.


This Smartwatch is minimal in design with a highly fashioned look. This smartwatch has IP 68 Waterproof certificate and it is made up of Anti-Allergic material. It does all the necessary functions of a smartwatch. But, the price $74.79 arises because of its design and materials used. Those who want a fashioned Smartwatch with minimal design can pick this Huawei Honor Zero.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch Review
8.1 Overall
This Smartwatch is minimal in design with a highly fashioned look. This smartwatch has IP 68 Waterproof certificate and it is made up of Anti-Allergic material. It does all the necessary functions of a smartwatch.
Build Quality8

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