Repurposing Your Old Tech

As you know this site is mostly about the future. We love looking at the improvements that are coming down the line for Windows X and making sure that you get the most out of those changes. That is our passion, but we also love hardware and over the years, we have built up a huge pile of equipment and gadgets.

The other day we were pondering what to do with it all and had come up with the following ideas:

Give it away

If you have relatives or friends that need a backup laptop or tablet, your old one can make a fantastic gift. They are also great for people who are new to using these devices. The fact that the equipment is already quite old takes away the fear many newbies have that they will break it, which is why the old kit is so good for new tech users.

Charities and schools also appreciate receiving old phones, printers, and PCs. Before you give it to them just ask to make sure that they actually have a use for it.

If you are going to give away your old PCs, drives and laptops just remember to wipe them clean of any sensitive information. You may know and trust the person you are giving the machine to, but you cannot be sure of who they will give it to when they have finished with it. Therefore, it is wise to wipe it clean of sensitive data and do it with a proper scrubbing programme.

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Repurpose your tech

You will also be surprised what you can do with your old equipment. Old MP3 and MP4 players make good backup drives. I have one in my car that I keep there and use one when I go out jogging, which is the best way to make sure I do not break yet another smartphone by dropping it while exercising.

Old smartphones are amazingly versatile, you can turn them into music players, E-readers, remotes and video monitors. As well as use them for gaming or as a baby or granny monitor. The list of uses goes on and on. You just need to use your imagination and look online for an App for the job. It does not really matter which operating system your phone runs on you can do a lot with them. However, you may find that what you can do with the older phones that only run on the old operating systems is limited, but it is still worth having a go.

Repair and sell it

Another option is to sell your old kit. There is growing market for retro tech. For example, the price of old iPods is going up instead of down. You can get your old iPods and iPhones repaired by the Apple store in Weston for peanuts, which means that you can sell them and make a tidy profit. If you are going to try this approach just do your research before you get it repaired to make sure that the fixed item will command a high enough price to cover the cost of the repair.


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