6 Ways to Make Your Website Easy to Manage

In the late 1990s, only those who had HTML programming knowledge could build an elegant and fully functional website. Thanks to the years of technology development and the need for instant gratification, nearly anyone can have a website they can be proud of. In fact, there is a new blog established every 0.5 seconds in the world because of how easy it has become. So, what can you do to make your site relatively easy to maintain?

Choose a Simple Name

The shorter the website name, the easier it is for people to remember. You don’t want to have an ultra long domain name that takes a minute or two to type. In this regard, simply is far better.

Use CMS Platforms

Content management systems are built with the specific purpose of making it easy to maintain a robust website. Most of the challenging aspects are done in the background allowing you to focus more on content and graphic design. Platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are among some of the most popular due to their easiness of use.

Mobile Accessibility

Systems such as WordPress allow you to access your website from mobile devices to create content. This can be extremely valuable if you’re on the move and need to blog about something immediately. Also, you can set some of these platforms to publish content that is directly emailed to the site from your phone or computer system.

Device a Schedule

Create a schedule that works best with what you’re trying to accomplish. Many people find it beneficial to write before bed or first thing in the morning. It’s all about making the experience easier on yourself, and a schedule could be the cornerstone of keeping you relaxed about managing the site. Create the time slot and keep it as you would any other business function.

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Less Bells and Whistles

It’s easy to get wrapped up into what you can add to the website. By reducing the number of goodies you want to use, it can decrease the amount of time you spend maintaining those functions. You don’t need to fill the website up with various plugins and widgets, and too much activity could take away from the visitor experience.

Buffer and Hootsuite

Instead of logging into each social media site individually and created posts, apps such as Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to make one post for all of them. By connecting your social profiles to these applications, you can mass produce a single message for followers of those accounts. Both of these platforms are free to use, but they also offer premium paid services for greater control.

Although professional services can help you develop a fantastic site, there are still many things you can do to keep it active. From picking the easiest to remember domain names to using mass marketing platforms, you could spend less than an hour each day and keep a fantastic site operational. It’s all about simplifying the experience and taking advantage of available apps and technology.


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