How To Keep Your Mobile Number Private With Easy Tricks

After marketing efforts of businesses cross the limits and entered into the privacy of public, we, the public must wake up and defend to protect our privacy at the best. One such marketing attack comes in the way of phone calls and one of the easiest way to irritate us to the extreme. Also, it is possible to trace our address with the Phone Number, which is the most worse thing. Other than marketing, there are so many reasons to keep the mobile number private. Here, we found some useful methods to make the number private.

Call Forwarding Service

Call Forwarding service is the best way to hide our mobile number from the person who is receiving our call. Some examples for call forwarding service are Google Voice, Skype calling etc. There are both free and paid call forwarding service available. You can use call forwarding services in browsers and apps. Also, most of them have access from PC as well as Smartphones. So, it won’t be a problem in using a call forwarding service at any time.

You can find many apps in the Google Play store and Apple’s iTunes store. Most of the call forwarding services are paid. Google Voice is best with free domestic calling service. But, you have to pay for international calls. Next to Google Voice, we recommend Skype. Skype to Skype voice calling, video calling and chat messenger is completely free. But, you have to pay to make calls to landlines or mobile numbers from Skype. These two services from two big companies Google Voice from Google and Skype from Microsoft. If you don’t find good with these two, try other apps in the Google Play store or iTunes store.

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Block the Outbound Caller ID

If you don’t want to try the paid call forwarding services to keep your mobile number private, you can try this easy and free method. But, this method will work only on smartphones and also based on the carrier you are using. Some carriers won’t block caller ID by this method. If you block the Caller ID, then the person at another end of your call won’t be able to see your number. Most of the smartphones having option to block the Caller ID in Call Settings. You can try that to block your Caller ID. Try to check it is working or not. If it does not work, contact your carrier and ask them to block the Caller ID permanently.

how to make your mobile number private

Hide the Caller ID before making a call

Using this method, you can hide your caller ID for a particular call. If you are in the USA, add the prefix *67 before the mobile number or landline number you are going to call. This will make your number hidden for that particular call. For other country uses the prefix code may vary. you can check the available codes for all the countries in this Wikipedia article.


Using the Call forwarding service is the best option for making private calls. Blocking or Hiding the caller ID may work or may not work. Particularly, Caller ID won’t be hidden if you call an emergency number or Toll-free number. So, it is better to go with any call forwarding service to keep your number private.


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