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Video sharing has become a big trend in this Hyper Modern Era. Some people using video sharing for fun and personal sharing of ideas and thoughts. Some people using videos to spread and popularize their business. Video Editing Software are the most needed and must have tool with all kind of video makers. Making a professional looking video is a tough job for those who entering new into video making. Video editors are the easiest way to make professional videos with ease of work for those new entrants.

There are some high-end video editors for Mac users like Final cut pro are available in the market, but their price is too much high and cannot be affordable for the individual video makers and small enterprises. After the need of affordable price video maker tool, we found a video editor Filmora for Mac, with a vast range of features that can be easily handled by new entrants and with affordable price for a lifetime license with lifetime updates. For me, it is one of the best video editing software for mac. Apart from Mac version, it is also available for Windows computers.

Filmora is a product from Wondershare, who is well known for the other useful software and tools they released in the past. Filmora’s functionality is very powerful and very user-friendly with easy to use effects and features. After we seen some sample videos edited and enhanced with the features and effects of Filmora, we became a fan of them.

Wondershare Filmora Creating Project

What is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor for Mac?

Wondershare Filmora is easy to use video editor with a lot of editing features, advanced visual effects and easy to publish options.

Video Recording

Editing Features of Filmora

You can edit videos, photos, and audio in Filmora. In video and photo editing, We are able to do all the needed functions. The function includes – Trim, Hue, Merge, Rotate, Crop, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Aspect ratio etc. Along with this, slowing down or speeding up the video running speed is possible from 0.2 times to 5.0 times (Speed 0.2X – 5.0X). For those who don’t know the terms of video editing – Simply, we can cut down unwanted video parts, merge two or more video parts together into one video, rotate the direction of the video, crop down the screen visible size of video, adjusting color saturation, brightness, contrast and the aspect ratio of video.

In Audio editing, we are able to Trim and Split the audio, adjust the volume up or down, Fade in or Fade out the audio, able to do Voiceover and also speeding or slowing the audio like the same as in video editing mode (Speed 0.5X – 2.0X).

Wondershare Filmora Review

Simple and Advanced Effects of Filmora for Mac

Filmora is a most unique by their vast range of effects option. All the effects are available ready made. So, by just adding them with few clicks is enough. This will be a great useful part for new video makers who don’t know anything about adding effects. The professionalism of video starts with adding our personal touch to the video using different effects. Filmora has more than hundreds of effect options to personalize.

Filmora has a special Effect library, where we can get a countless number of ready-made effects for download. Currently, they have released a Halloween Effects set. Also, they are adding more effects which are downloadable from their website to access to the full features. Hundreds of Text and Titles, Filters, Overlays, and Elements are available in effect library to make use of.

Other than the effects, there are some useful functions available with Filmora.

  • Transitions: Combine multiple videos and pictures with transition effects.
  • Audio Separation: It enables us to remove, adjust and add audio to a video file by separating it.
  • Auto Enhance: It adds auto brightness and contrast that fits the video.
  • Social Import: Importing the videos and audios from social network sites.
  • Speed Control: Adjusting the running speed of video and audio clips
  • HD Support: It can bring clarity to our videos using HD support.
  • Green Screen: Using this function, we can merge new backgrounds over the videos taken with Green or Blue background screen. This is how most of the unbelievable professional videos taken with rare background scenes.
  • Tilt Shift: It adds shifting effects in the videos.
  • Scene Detection: This is a great feature. It can auto detect the changing scenes and cut it into separate footage which will be useful in the editing process.
  • Flash and Hold: It brings movement to an image in a photo using focal points and integrate it into the video to look like a moving video.
  • Picture In Picture (PIP): Using PIP, we can add two or more videos in the same frame. This could be useful in case of showing different angles of the same scene or in movies to explain the different view of the story.
  • Split Screen: This will be more useful to show more than one video simultaneously.

After reading this much features, anyone will awe this video editor which gives simplistic solution for video editing process with its ready-made features.

Publishing Videos

After editing the videos, Filmora gives us easy solution to share the video to social network sites. Also, it has a DVD burner which can burn the videos into a DVD with high speed and with the output format we need. Also, it has the good range of DVD template menus. Filmora supports a wide range of video output which enables us to make videos that can be run on iOS and Android devices.


Wondershare’s Filmora for Mac is selling in 3  different categories based on license validity and number of PC’s needed to be installed with.

  • Personal – 1 Year License for 1 PC – $34.99
  • Business – Lifetime License for 1 PC – $49.99
  • Students / School (Multi Users): It is available with different price based on a number of PC’s and the period of the license. You can check this price in their official site.

With Lifetime license, it supports Lifetime update free. Money back guarantees for 30 days available with all purchases.


Though there are big high-end video editors available at a higher price with more advanced features, Filmora stands high on the crowd for two things.

  • Filmora is very simple to use, but with a variety of features for any home made videos and small scale business videos.
  • For Lifetime license for single PC, it costs only $49.99, which is worth for the features and lifetime free update.
Wondershare Filmora for Mac Review
9.2 Overall
Filmora is very simple to use, but with a variety of features for any home made videos and small scale business videos.
Value for money9.5

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