DOOGEE Y200 Promicing Talk in Noise Killer Microphone

DOOGEE is releasing Y200 in the early December 2015. a customer-oriented, micro-innovation, high-performance mobile phone. Y200 demonstrated a great sense of luxury and business when it is next to the noble pen and Laptop. With the configuration of 5.5-inch HD OGS screen, twice stripping frame, ultra-slim body, and especially 32GB big memory. It is economic and looks smart. It metal frame craftsmanship is difficult craftsmanship under CNC cutting process.

DOOGEE Y200 Specifications

Y200 attaches importance to not only multifunctional fingerprint Home key but also a high-quality listening experience. Thanks to the development noise reduction technology., now even in very noisy environments, Using Y200 can hear clearly to answer the phone call of the other party.

Phone noise reduction, named as noise-canceling dual silicon microphone, located in the phone’s top, near to the camera. The principle is to record noise first and then compare with genuine dialogue, overlapped portion is the noise, and the noise-canceling dual silicon microphone will automatically remove this portion, and the rest is the useful voice.

Noise Killer Dual Silicon microphone of DOOGEE  Y200 and the same position as iPhone. The reason why Y200 positioned on the back cover is to greatly preserve the caller’s voice from surrounding noise interference. Nowadays, social applications, such as skype and whatsApp, are with a feature of voice function. It has been so important and popular among users that the Noise Killer Dual Silicon microphone is absolutely necessary.

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