Technologies Business Early Adopters Will Be Buying in 2016

Certain business owners are considered early adopters when it comes to the technology that is made available to improve their lives and the way that they do business on a daily basis. While you may not be able to always afford the latest and greatest technological advancements in the business world, if you are a business owner, you are likely very interested in what those technologies are so that you can properly plan for future investments, especially if you are waiting for prices to drop.

But what does 2016 have to offer to business owners in terms of technology that can improve the way that they operate? Continue reading to learn about the amazing and mind-bending technologies that business early adopters will be investing in throughout the coming year in order to become more efficient and effective than ever.

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D printing is set to steadily expand over the next couple of decades, especially as it becomes faster and materials become more affordable. In the meantime, though, businesses that are focused on adopting the best technology as early as possible will likely be shifting to 3D printers in 2016.

The great thing about this technology is the fact that it can use a variety of materials, such as carbon fiber, conductive ink, biological materials, pharmaceuticals, electronics, glass, and nickel alloys. And the practical application of 3D printers is also expanding into more industries than ever before, with automotive, medical, aerospace, and energy companies taking advantage of this innovative technology already.

The Device Mesh

The device mesh refers to the increasing set of endpoints that businesspeople utilize to access apps and information, as well as to interact with other individuals, communities, fellow businesses, and governments.

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The device mesh encompasses wearable devices, consumer devices, home electronic devices, environmental devices, automotive devices, and mobile devices. 2016 will see more and more people shifting away from traditional mobile devices and towards a mesh of devices that will provide cooperation between devices for improved interaction.

Autonomous Agents

Everything from autonomous vehicles and smart advisors to virtual personal assistants (also known as VPAs) and even robots are all becoming possible, thanks to the latest advancements in technology. So before long, a lot of businesses will be able to take full advantage of these autonomous, or at the very least, semi-autonomous, agents.

Software-based smart machines are getting more and more attention lately, even though the attention has mostly been on smart physical machines like robots. Examples of active virtual personal assistants include Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Google Now.

It seems that the autonomous agent will become the primary user interface, so rather than having to interact with a lot of annoying buttons, forms, and menus on a device like your smartphone, you can instead talk directly to a particular app that will act as your personal intelligent agent to get things done more efficiently than ever before.

More Advanced Than Ever System Architecture

To fully take advantage of things like smart machines and the digital mesh, there will be a need for a more intense and advanced computing architecture for businesses of all sizes and types. Neuromorphic Architectures are providing the necessary and super efficient boost in power. After all, when it comes to technology, it is all about speed, and this emerging technology will be faster than any other option.

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Systems that are built on FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) and GPUs will end up functioning a lot more like the human brain than anything else, making the new technology suitable for learning through the use algorithms.

The ScanSource and Cisco Distributor Program

ScanSource’s Cisco distributor program is yet another form of technology that will become hugely popular amongst early technology adopters in the business world in 2016. Companies that are ready to enjoy the power of Cisco and ScanSource will be pleased by this new option, which will enhance the selling process that helps businesses grow.

When adding ScanSource as a value-added distributor of solutions and products offered by Cisco, business owners will gain access to everything from certification classes and online tools, to dedicated sales reps, large inventory, and more.

These are just a few of the many emerging technologies that are set to change the way that people do business in 2016. Many business owners who are excited by what technology has to offer will be sure to jump aboard and start taking advantage of these advancements, but if you can’t afford them just yet, you can always invest in them later on.

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