10 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction in a Call Center

It is an unbeatable fact in today’s customer-centric economy that customer satisfaction is the prime motto of all companies. Many of the companies operate through customer care call centers. If the customer care executives are not able to satisfy the customers, they will switch to another company or product in no time. You can also install some call center software to enhance the quality of your services. Thus, if you are looking for some good tips to ensure customer satisfaction, go through the list mentioned below:

  1. Discard the IVR machines

IVRs or Inter­ac­tive voice response sys­tems are considered as the defense mechanisms of companies. Though they save the cost of manpower they are equally responsible for distancing the company from the customers. It is better that the customer’s call is directly picked up by an executive.

  1. Treat the customers the way you want yourself to be treated

You must remember that the customers are always willing to see the bright side of any business. Thus, you must see your business from the customer’s point of view and treat your customers over the phone like you would like to be treated. You can also perform a role play activity in the office. Some of the executives may play the role of difficult as well as easy customers, and the other half handles them over the phone. Observe the behavior of the executives and take corrective measures.

  1. Multichannel support

There are many channels of communication these days like mobile, social media, emails and web chat. Your business must support as many channels of communication as possible to connect with your customers on the channel they prefer to use. Also, the channels you use must be connected to each other so that the customers do not have to repeat the information they have already provided to any other executive.

  1. Encourage the executives to take responsibility for the issues

You can encourage your executives to take responsibility for the issues of the customers and provide them with best possible solution. This will discourage the tendency of passing over the issues to others. It also gives the executives a sense of pride provided you reward them with appropriate incentives from time to time.

  1. Never refuse a customer

The executives must not refuse a customer ever for any issue. If he is not able to resolve an issue, he may escalate the problem to the higher authority. If the issue remains unresolved, you may provide them with some other benefits like loyalty points or goodwill credits.

  1. Discard the scripts

When the executive talks to the customer one on one, the customers feel that they are talking to a human being and not a robot. It has a huge positive impact on the clients, and they prefer to stay loyal to the business.

  1. Maintain contact with the customer

You must follow up with the customer through calls, postcards, small freebies or a free trial of any paid feature. This ensures goodwill of the company.

  1. Look at the other metrics also

Apart from the ratings provided by the customers, you must look at other factors like time taken to resolve the problems, how many executives were involved in one issue, etc. These factors might provide you with crucial information on customer satisfaction.

  1. Resolve the most annoying problem beforehand

If you look at the pattern of calls, you will find some problems which are often repeated. Solve them on priority and forever.

  • Slash the timing of wait

Do not make your customers wait forever for resolving their problems. It is the most annoying part of a call to a call center.

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