LeTV Le1S vs UMi Iron Pro: Specification and Design Comparison, The Flagship Battle

The past week, UMi added a new Member to their Holly family. The UMi Iron Pro, a device which made of pure metal. The hardness given by the metal made the device the Muscleman of the Smartphone world. The 5.5 Inch Screen size is much better to express each bit of details With the support of the 1080p High-definition Display. The device is ready for battle with the MTK 6753 Octa-core processor powered by 3 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. LeTV Le1S is the rival of the UMi Iron Pro in this Review, a metallic unibody Given enough power to the device to resist any external pressures. The Design of device has expressed the beauty of hardness. 5.5 inch Full HD screen can Release the power of the hardware through it. Helio X10 Octa-Core processor is used as the heart of the device which is powered by 3 GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

As we can see, both Devices are similar in their First look, but they have some differences which worth your attention. We have listed out almost all the similarities and differences between the two mighty devices on the tech store. It might help you to get everything you want to know about the devices. As we are not the supporters of any of the devices we Review, You may expect a better judgment of the devices from us. Read this LeTV Le1S vs UMi Iron Review and comparison carefully, Because you may find something to get excited about. So the battle for the flagship starts.

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First thing first. We have already Reviewed both of these smartphones. You can see our UMi Iron Pro Review or the Rival’s, LeTV Le1s Review to get a better understanding of the specs. Now we can strat the LeTV Le1S vs UMi Iron Pro: Specification and Design Comparison, The Flagship Battle!

UMi Iron pro specs


Both UMi Iron Pro and LeTV Le1S are metallic unibody devices with rounded corners which provide a better Handling on the device. The UMi Iron pro has a thickness of 7.9 mm and it weighs about 148g, while LeTV Le1S has a thickness of 7.5 mm, and weighs 169g. Both the devices will definitely fit your pocket. There is only a tiny difference in weight and thickness. But nevertheless, The skyline notification LED used in the UMi Iron Pro is a Plus point to the device. The skyline notification helps you to stay updated with Notifications, Missed calls, and Messages. You are Never gonna miss a Notification again.


5.5-inch Full HD screen is used in both devices. The huge display is one of the Masterpieces of the devices. Nevertheless, The different technologies used in the devices never expressed a difference in the Screen quality. UMi Iron Pro uses an LCD panel while LeTV Le1S uses an In-Cell one. Moreover, UMi Iron Pro incorporates MiraVision Technology, which allows users to create their own color configurations completely according to their needs. Usually, Mid-Range devices are introduced with normal HD displays. The HD displays are replaced by the FULL HD one in these two fighters.


Performance is the best quality, That a smartphone must have. In this aspect, we can find some differences. While UMi Iron Pro Running on an MTK 6753 Octa-core processor, LeTV incorporates an Helio X1, also Octa-Core. Moreover, both devices have 3 GB RAM. The 3GB RAM is always a favourite of the Multi-Taskers. The 32GB ROM housed on the LeTV is not expandable. But the UMi Iron Pro comes with an expandable memory feature which can be expanded up to 64GB.


Use your own fingertip to authenticate into your device. The whole smartphone world is walking through the apple way. So, UMi decided to do something more, Something Exceptional. And they have done. The New Eyeprint Authentication and Voice Unlock feature Strengthen the security of the device as Unbreakable. The device will never give access to anyone without your presence. The Three Biometric security of the Iron Pro makes it like a Google Server, Almost Unbreakable in security.

The advanced fingerprint sensors can identify your fingertips within 0.3s with an accuracy rate around 99%! The Eyeprint sensor copies the exact position of your Eye veins and coordinates to verify your identity. The privacy crackers don’t have a chance on this device. They can try something else.


The 13-megapixel camera’s used in both devices can give a Bold and Snappy look for the photos. You will never be ashamed of your own Snaps. The Autofocus and the auto light corrections used in these devices can make you a better Photographer. Nevertheless, Sony IMX214 housed in UMi Iron pro is one of the most powerful sensors on the battlefield. LeTV Le1S uses a Samsung one, whose model has not been unveiled.

The UMi Iron Pro is facing us with a Royal 8-megapixel camera equipped with LED flash. LED flashes are Rare on the face of the smartphones. This rareness results in the over popularity of the front LED Flashlights. LeTV Le1S uses a modest 5-megapixel sensor without flash. But, For a decent quality to our images, 5.0MP is enough.


UMi Iron has a light interface with barely changes from pure Android platform. This is ideal for normal users who are familiar with the Android OS. LeTV Le1S has its own Family members as the OS, called EUI, which is different from the traditional Android system. In addition, UMi Iron Pro incorporates some interesting additional features such as Intelligent power saving mode, Heart rate and stress level monitoring app. The device is gonna be your personal physician.

LeTV Le1 specs


Like the majority of current smartphones, both Iron Pro and LeTV Le1S support 2G, 3G WiFi, Bluetooth etc… But the New member in the ‘G’ lineup the 4G LTE is powering the devices. The results showing that the 4G LTE is 20 times faster than the 3G! Which means you can download a 1GB file within an exceptional 60 Seconds! The Dual sim cards make you be connected more.

For a Change, The UMi is coming with a USB C-Type connector. The USB C-Type connectivity gives the best ever transfer rate from device to devise. We may assume that the C-Type will definitely become a Standard Transfer solution because of its versatility.

Price and conclusions

Price matters. An affordable device must be cheaper as well as Powerfull. The Le 1S costs $209 while UMi Iron Pro can be purchased for $179.99. The UMI Iron Pro is Good going with the Eyeprint scanner and the Advanced SONY camera while the LeTV has no such specialities than the UMi. But the pricing is just crazy. The UMi is cheaper than the LeTV. So, we think, The UMi Deserves to be in your Pocket.

Get a UMi Iron for $9.99

On the occasion of Cyber Monday, UMi has launched Some amazing promotions which give the users a chance to win some of their devices, among which is UMi Iron Pro, for only $9,99. Winning a Breath-taking device for just $9.99 is not a silly matter. So don’t waste your time reading this review. Remember, The other looters are very faster than you. So, Just go and Buy UMi. Loot them.

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